My first ritual with Bune!

The ritual went well … not very well because I did not perceive anything … certainly because I set out to stay as cold as possible, to avoid making mistakes … nevertheless I forgot to grease my forehead with the seal in wood on which I ran my finger dipped in oil consecrated to Bune. I did it at the end of the summoning. I hope he does the same. I also consecrated to Bune a pendant with his seal which I will wear as a devotional. However, through a particular system … Bune informed me that she accepted my requests and that she was the girl who manifested in my dream :slight_smile:

I summoned her with two orange candles, incense in grains, offering her three oranges, a jar of orange honey, a bracelet with a synthetic yellow sapphire, in a golden yellow container. The altar seems to have been chosen by the Duchess Bune: ocher yellow table cover, gold lacquered lamp on a table from the early 1900s … attached to the wall with paintings in gilded frames.

On Wednesday I met a beautiful white and orange cat who was caressed. Another orange cat this morning, he too was caressed. I do not remember how long I have not caressed a cat … even orange! … Bune knows my love for cats and through them he communicated his love to me :slight_smile:

Thanks Bune!

Vel melior a vage Bune Tassa!


Bune sees your perceptiveness locked to the earth and worked with such. Look within to start perceiving bune more directly.

It is very likely. I believe she knew me at my first real ritual worthy of the name and that she feared to put me in difficulty by manifesting herself in a stronger way. However, I managed to communicate and she accepted my requests. This is enough for me.
Thanks for your intervention.

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Not an intervention. This thing you call fate is a self contained system, only effected by itself.

I was supposed to say this.

Could you reformulate your reflection?
Sorry but maybe, due to my poor knowledge of English, I have difficulty understanding.
By intervention I meant comment.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

I meant that I cannot intervene if I am planned by “fate” to interject, then I am apart of the plan.

See, fate moves like this. A universal consciousness with infinitely perfect timing.

If i understand you well, I also believe that we are subject to what is defined in philosophy as determinism, so we are destined to live in harmony with a reality that is beyond our control. All of this, regardless of whether we know it or not.

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I believe that’s such a closed of concept.


I believe we are more than determined, but our paths show us what we would want to chase, that everything that happens is another event meant to help you, and with the right response you can make perfection out of ever tiny occurrence.

It’s inevitable that we come to our perfect outcome, and if we respond correctly we will use this to grow perfectly.

We are all intertwined like this, and out choices, while seen by the universe from a mile away and reacted to, are still our choices. This is why some people have better lives than others, this choice.

It would spell a bad fate for people who lived their whole lives in this dark, but I believe this carries over to the next life, and if we don’t learn the lessons here will will learn them later.

To call it determinism is an oversight, a brief look at it. I think it’s more fair and perfect than we can comprehend, not by divinity but by sheer absolute connectedness, complexity and result

You offered me an important element of reflection with respect to a limit on which I have to work. Over the years, also because of readings on the philosophy of the advaita vedanta, I believed that everything is predetermined. I have to reevaluate that indeterminism that offers us margins of freedom of choice.

Nothing is predetermined in that sense, time just works differently than we believe. We are one force fractalized into infinite forces, and this causes dissonance. You have your free choice, yes, but you are a fractal of something larger, not “apart of” but both entirely it and you individually

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In honor of the Duchess Bune, i make public the altar dedicated to her!


I publicly thank Bune for an unexpected and timely help and for his valuable advice!

I’m curious, how close are you to Bune, can you hear her?

I contacted her with the ouija, the pendulum and through divination. I can’t hear her.

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