My first physical manifestation during evocation!

Hey all, this is my first post here though I’ve been studying E.A’s methods for about 2 years now. The first 2 lectures I watched which got me hooked were 'Secrets of the demonic hierarchy ’ & ’ How to evoke spirits to physical appearance ’ , both of which gave me a lot of direct steps on performing an evocation & in particular his easy way to enter trance ( I’ve since got his evocation, soul travel and divination courses, though so far I’v mostly worked with the evocation course )
After watching these over and over I started performing regular evocations. My results were varied but at times very curious.
I continued my experimenting with evocation of different spirits & while sometimes nothing seemed to happen other times I’d get the typical stream of consciousness after asking a question & increased heartbeat. It’s a very definite effect. You know when it’s working. It feels a bit like you’ve taken a line of cocaine :wink: It was when I decided to do an evocation of the spirit Agrat Bat Malat that I had my first real success with evocation, the experience intensifying over 3 evocations. I researched her & found she was generally quite friendly. The first night I summoned her & felt her presence very quickly. I asked if she could do something small to let me know she was there. Immediately the flame of the candle on my left went from vertical to nearly horizontal & remained that way for about 3 seconds. There was no draft that I could tell in the room & I’d never noticed anything like that happen before. In fact I’d taken the bed that was in that room apart to make space for the evocations , as I made that room my ritual room. I’d then placed the mattress firmly against the window and then the press in front of that so as to block out any light from outside.
I was impressed by this and decided to summon her again to see if I could get the same effect. This time I checked to make sure the window was as sealed off as possible & also put a folded towel under the door to be extra sure there was no draft. I performed the evocation & again quickly felt her presence. I asked her to move the candle flame as she had done the last time. Once again it went from vertical to nearly completely horizontal & remained that way for about 3 seconds. After it stopped I asked one of my questions & wrote down the answer that came. I then asked if she could please move the candle flame once more & again it moved to that almost horizontal position & held it for about 3 seconds. This was amazing to witness, though I can’t prove it happened & people will say it must have been a draft. I’m no longer a 100% atheist though :).
I evoked her once more & once more I felt her presence. This time I really wanted to see her. I asked her if she would please show herself to me by projecting an image of her to my mind. I sat with my eyes closed & concentrated. After a short time an image began to form in my mind of a female face. It then became extremely clear. I saw the face of a pretty , extremely fair skinned, red haired woman. With my eyes still closed I described the image out load to her. I opened my eyes & there she was, standing before me, just outside of the circle, maybe 2 feet from me. She stood there smiling at me. She was as I’d seen in my minds eye & had described to her, a very pretty, pale skinned, red head. She was wearing a grey hoodie & navy jeans, which was really unexpected as she’s a succubus so I was expecting something much raunchier :slight_smile: I was stunned. I felt no fear, there was nothing in anyway creepy about this, indeed I thought she was really cute :slight_smile: & her smile was very pleasant. I was rendered speechless though. After a few moments of smiling softly at me she stood up, turned around & disappeared. I wrote the details of the evocation down in my journal immediately afterwards, which I’m so glad I did as otherwise I think over time I would have convinced myself it didn’t happen as it’s so hard for my mind to except.
I just wanted to share this experience as I have questions about the work I’m doing now which is following on from this experience but I’ll put them in a seperate post as this is already very lengthy.


That’s funny that you saw her as a red head, which is how I saw her in a lucid dream as well :slight_smile: Don’t know if you took the plunge and asked her for sexual dreams/encounters, but if you do, you won’t be disappointed :wink: 3 times I asked for this, and all 3 times received results that very night!

Can you go into more detail on what she looks like? Height and age? Maybe eye color? Hair length, shade of red, and hair style? Im very curious indeed.

Its hard to remember exactly. Though she was very pretty but not in the way I expected. She wasn’t a hollywood or porn star type if you know what I mean. She had a much lovelier, completely natural beauty. No make up :). She was fair skinned, I think some freckles at least she had the kind of skin tone you’d expect to have freckles and I’m Irish so I should know :slight_smile:
Here’s part of what I wrote in my journal ( regarding her appearance ) straight after the evocation :-

" Last night I had aural and visual confirmation she was evoked. Moved flame of candle on request. Made loud yet dull stomp on floor right in front of candle. Was def just in front of me. Ritual easily my longest and most intense yet. Not sure when I started but it was still Wednesday night. When I left the room it was coming up on 6am Thursday morning.
My sigil couldn’t have given better results. Image after image she sent me. I can’t remember most now but it was awesome. I didn’t ask a single question I’d wrote down. I just skipped ahead to my ’ agenda ’ reading it out from the page on my left. She showed me at least one eyes closed snapshot of her face. So unexpected she appeared as a pretty red head with a perm. her hair sort of bunched up on the left and right. Then after a few moments studying this image I opened my eyes and there she was!!
Just halfway through standing up, Like she’d been sitting cross-legged in front of me while my eyes were closed and started standing as she sensed I was about to open them. She finished standing, all the time beaming from ear to ear, just a really cheerful smile on her face as she looked down at me. She was wearing a grey hoody and jeans !?!Then she turned and vanished. "
It goes on but no more description of her appearance. It’s not much but it was wrote minutes after the evocation so everything was fresh in my mind so what I wrote is accurate and not in anyway a case of trying to recall the experience and/or filling in the blanks. Hope this helps.

I see. A pretty read head like you described minus the clothing pops in to see me on a regular basis for years. She always acts cheerful and in appearances is petite and very cute. I dont need to do evokation to her she just tends to come around me alot.