My first pact: Paralda

Well, finally did my first pact after months and months thinking about it.
I have right my terms and what I could give for the King of Air,
After reading my pact, I asked if it was accepted,
And I had shivers all over my body.
This same morning I had a dream, where someone was riding a bike, and I was sitting in the handlebar,
Could not see the face.
He was riding so fast, I was worried we would explode ourselves against a wall,
He would avoid all street obstacles with so much easy, and so fast each time I was feeling next to heart attack!
He asked me: Are you afraid?
I answered honestly: YES, but that is ok, I can take it!
The way and speed he was riding this bike made me think about a wind movement, I really think that was Paralda.
The next dream, I saw a beautiful blond man, in front of his desk, putting his white shirt, then I waked up.
I really hope Paralda will help me bring my dream in to reality!:blush:


Can u help me i me on how make a pact… coz I wanna make one on the 23rd of December. …pliz

9tail, I think you can have better methods using the search bar from BALG.
My pact was just like a letter of intent:
1: Hail Paralda King of Air
2: my full name
3:what I wanted his help for
4: what I will give to him in exchange
5:when the pact ends.
6: Said "Thank you King of Air.
That is it!