My first meeting with agrat bat mahlat

I would be happy if someone could help me “analyze” a meeting I had in my sleep last night.
That night I had my first encounter with
agrat bat mahlat. I had prepared a candle for this meeting,
I decorating the red candle with her seal, and other symbols, Which seemed to me to be appropriate for this matter.
I wanted to ask her how I can have more intense sex with my succubine.
After I lit the candle on a rune stone, I went to bed.
At first I dreamt normally, but then the dream changed.
And I found myself in my room which looked exactly the same as when I was awake. But I knew immediately that I was still dreaming.
Then the door opened, and at first I thought that my mother came in, but I was wrong, it was agrat bat mahlat and I knew that without hesitation.
I was only mistaken because she had the same loving and motherly charisma as my mother.
Her appearance did not really stay in my mind, but what I remember is that she had dark hair and intense eyes.

She spoke to me with the following words:

“I am quite sure that it is a D…(?).”


"If you are not careful, one night she comes to you and grabs you and kisses you to death. "

So far that was all. Afterwards I woke up and was on the one hand overwhelmed and on the other hand even sexually aroused.

What does she have mean with D…?
I still knew the word after waking up, but I couldn’t write it down in time before I forgot it.
What I do know is that it was some kind of umbrella term for a being.
And it wasn’t a demon or anything else that came directly into question. I didn’t even know this umbrella term.

Thanks in advance for any help!