My first kill with magick


Glad you achieved your goals man! all the best,




Well done.

Some questions.

  1. Where do you get the death oil?
  2. Did you carve her name into the candle?
  3. Did you draw the Saturnian pentacle by hand? How did you activate it?

I am only starting to work with planetary pentacles, but I do black magick, so the specifics are much appreciated.


Does anyone know what this death oil is?


This is very abstract and went over my head the first time. I can totally see this love as being a facet of Saturn or Saturnian energy, especially as the tester as that testing is supposed to propel you toward your destiny (sink or swim). Would you say that crimes of passion have some root in this “true” love?

Or how about murder suicides; Eg: people killing themselves and their family rather than letting them suffer through financial loss in an economic crisis?


Everyone … Keep Killing…

Be the cleansing fire.


Fan-FUCKING-tastic! Liberating! Joyousness! ‘Fuck you shithead!’
(Got two for the price of one.)



i made it myself out of pure hatred. ingredients like tobacco. water w nightshade seeds sitting in it for weeks, ground up thai peppers, bone powder etc.