My first invoking ritual

i am new to magick and the left hand path so i just invoked my fist demon/deity. i invoked sabnock to help me with familiars because i am very interested in that and i think it is amazing.

i didn’t really get much help i didn’t talk to him but i heard something unusual i heard a really deep scary growl and snarl. i have never heard of a demon doing this and i wanted to know if it is usual for sabnock to do this. i also wanted to know what demons to communicate with for learning about crystals, gems and plants.

thank you very much for reading this post have a nice day.

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one more thing i would like to know what type of offering to give sabnock.

You would have to ask Sabnock exactly what he likes, but wine or sweets seem to be something most spirits enjoy.

You could also pick up the chapbook “Daemonic Offerings” by S, Connolly for advice. She is a demonolator (someone who worships demons in a religious way) and well versed in giving offerings. It’s pretty cheap and available on Amazon Kindle.

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ok i will ask him but im kida freaked out by him now i mean he growled and snarled at me is that normal for him

I don’t know. I’ve never evoked him.

It could simply be a manifestation of your own fear rather than the spirit.

oh ok but i don’t think i was scared im not scared of this kind of stuff he might just not like me i guess it might have been because i didn’t offer him anything im still getting the hang of this.he is the first spirit i have evoked and had an interaction with.

i have tried buer and king paimon but they didn’t respond
but when i invoked paimon i did hear a loud bang idk though.

You might not be scared consciously, but you can still hold fear subconsciously. Our culture tells us to fear these type of beings so you could have fear without realizing it.

I have never had a spirit growl or snarl at me.

well thats kind of weird because i have nothing where i live that would growl other than possums but i know there type of growl but it happened as soon as i finishe caling him and i was a big wolf looking animal.

Read back what you said though:

i heard a really deep scary growl
im kida freaked out by him now i mean he growled and snarled at me

If you’re not scared, then control this use of language that says you are - words have power.

Some people hear growls as signs the daemon is present, it’s not a problem, unless, it’s not that daemon it’s something else you attracted. You’d probably know by now if it was something hostile. I heard a growl once, I though it was cute, but I would, I’m kinda goth. :skull::ghost:

If you practice good spiritual hygiene by cleansing your space (e.g. with salt or smudging with white sage) before starting a ritual and after, you can minimise unwanted visitors.


i cleansed my alter and my room with salt at every edge of the room and i burned sage

i was not scared when i started and im not afraid now i was just extremely chilled by it i definitely felt a spiritual presence because i felt really heavy, cold and i my breathing was weakened. but thanks for you information i will take it to heart

and i am very sorry if i sound hostile im not trying to be.

i want to try my hardest with this the only thing is i cant really buy incents all that often and i cant really buy anything i just have to work with what i have.

Personally I make Sabnock allspice tea. I gotta applaud you @new_to_magick714 great Marquise Sabnock is a wonderful spirit and definitely not for the faint of heart, I think your choice in Goetic intelligence speaks for itself. I know your not scared of this stuff or you wouldnt have gotten to where you are and where you are going. It can be off putting to hear a growl or snarl, the bhoots always hiss when I call them, im used to it now but to get such validation from theurgy is always astonishing.

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thank you i will try to use that next time bit was just unsettling hearing that i asked if it was him but no reply it was weird to just hear a growl and a snarl and then nothin it was also weird that when he growled all the noise from out side stoped i love working with nature and my cats so i always have my windows open but it was funny bcause my cat juped in my lap and didnt move for like 20 minutes.


Hey :slight_smile: I know it has been a while since you posted but I was just curious after reading through this how everything is going now for you?

Hey yeah it has been a while I actually haven’t really been doing invocation/evocation but I have been doing slight spell work I did however do an evocation 3 days ago :sweat_smile::joy: I was extremely intoxicated with my cousin and my uncle it was interesting we evoked sabnock we decided to burn some Jasmine we didn’t really know what else to do tbh we were on dxm a very heavy dose we all had OBE’s and we all saw a man tall man with a dark lions head and a hood on his head a I saw a scythe on the floor but my cousin Kenzie said she saw a sword and so did my uncle Mikey we asked questions and no response and finally he said “what do you want?” I heard from one of my mutual friends that he can protect your pets my cat was sick so I asked him if he can protect my animals he said “yes” so I guess he’s doing his magic and he just slowly started vanishing and I kind of forgot to ask him what he wanted as an offering so any good ideas? Sorry if my grammar or my anything I’d off I’m still a little “off”:joy::sweat_smile:

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Someone on another post who is very close with him said he enjoys bourbon and coke. That’s a pretty cool experience. Just be sure to Thank him and always be respectful when you summon them. That’s what I was told

Hi, a lot of times we don’t realize our a subconscious expectation. It’s not just if you are fearful, but it’s also your overall belief that will shape your experience. Try not to watch scary movies or t.v. shows that represent the paranormal as scary, negative, or dangerous. These shows are meant to keep the average person afraid of ever looking into magick in any serious way. So deprogram yourself by avoiding the " programing" in society meant to hide the truth from the masses. Maybe consider, or instead of invocation, or evocation, try scrying into the demon’s sigil to communicate that way, to start with. Best of luck

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