My first impressions on TEITAN - does anyone know about this entity?


Via some events, which in retrospec seem to be manufactured by the spirits…
-i ended up flipping through a book on Yezidism.

Now, note that prior to this i considered Satan and Shaytan Twins
similar to Odin and Wotan -the duo representing 2 temperaments of the same being,
and i have some limited experience with Ahriman -but tihs was different.

I ended up reading from the numerology portion of the book (on the yezidis).
Just gazing into the name “Teitan” gave me a glimpse of a entity peering back at me,
noticing me acknowledging it, and touching me with its gaze.

He felt like a Ahriman, if his type were a race
but he is different. Some entities with me described him as a “more practical and dangerous Akreoth”
for the sake of comparison. To me? He seems strangely alien and aggressive to how i experienced Satan/Shaytan, Akreoth and Ahriman in the past.

In the past, i had asked Satan for guidance and he had demanded i banish him afterwards
-to show him and myself, that i can and that i am sovereign.

Teitan didnt ask. He, in a lovecriaftian/ancient one sort of way, just creeped in and forced me to acknowledge him. Showing me illusions of my worst fears manifest.

He did say that those were illusions, but he silently “smirked” (if such a being can do that)
when i said, that i could not tell if he was not actually doing these terrible things.

He seemed pleased when i used phrases of my own making to banish him.
Before i spoke the mantras i had in mind, i drew a Hakenkreuz in the air
he commented on not having seen that one in a long time, but he also demanded i use my own symbol -not something from the outside, so i did.

When i did, i got glimpses of myself being in the same place physically
only things kept in darker shades of blue
the environment in ruins and devoid of the fleshy red of my associates
and i was dressed in black and blue coloured torn robes? or whatever those garments were
(im not a expert on current or ancient fashion, sorry)


he wanted me to invert…
-cross (duh)
-moon (islam?)
-sun (mythraism?)
-burn the star [of david] (?)
-buddha (secondary, optional, not essential)*

and he seems interested in putting me through some trials in the future

he told me that my current approach was flawed and demanded i try the following instead:

  • find the cause of the struggles i face
  • find the cause im willing to die for
  • resonate with the above
  • attract suitable souls
  • embrace the path that organically emerges from the above

*i called it a “Hakenkreuz” since the other name for it is censored, sorry for the confusion that may have caused. And it should be common knowledge (but sadly is not) that this symbol is older and way more wide spread in use than 1930s/1940s germany -and its not just a asian thing either. And no, the “rotation” of the symbol is bs -since various cultures use those without seeing those artificial differentiations.

I consider it a symbol of the primordial force, which creates and destroys.
Nothing more. Anytihng else is how the symbol is used not about what it is.

note: while i did remove his influence and presence
i did not cut communications with him.

I agree. I get why previous mods blocked the word from use in BALG posts, but it was probably to make sure trolls and enemies couldn’t search for it and use the posts out of context: low integrity people do do that kind of thing. It’s a symbol on the Shinto religion. Wikipedia does mention this correctly.

Since the original name is the sanscrit “svastika” that’s what I call it. :slight_smile:

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