My first experience with the runes and runic yoga

I received my obsidian rune set in the mail yesterday and broke them in doing a.couple of personal readings which seemed to be fairly accurate.
But I wanted to REALLY experience them.So I started with…


I lit one black candle in a dark room and dropped into trance.
I held the tiny rune in my hand and began to gaze.
The rune flashed and floated above the obsidian.Then to my surprise the whole rune began glowing red to where I couldn’t even see the symbol anymore.
I decided to take it further by calling out to Odin to guide me into the runic path.

I then offered a toast to Odin of some ale as I called to him
A MASSIVE energy stormed into my temple.
I then stood in the Fehu yoga posture and continued to call to Odin.
It was hard to keep the posture as the rapture took complete control of me.

The entire room which was only lit by one candle lit up with energetic light as if the Gods themselves were descending upon me.
I could see the energy flowing around the room like a whirlwind.
Not only that but I could feel the energy like the wind on a stormy day.

Fehu being about flow is no joke…and neither are the Norse Gods.

I didn’t feel in danger at all though.It almost felt like an initiation.

I plan on stopping by the liquir store today to get some mead and do this right.
I don’t feel like I’ve had enough of Fehu as this occured at nightime,and I want to see what effects this would have on an entire day.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

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So what happened during the day. Im new and very interested in mostly learning but I don’t see much here since it’s long ago.

You’re probably not going to get an answer since that person hasn’t been seen here in nearly a year. At least, not soon. Others might have tried this.

There’s a whole category for Norse Magik, you could take a browse through that to see what else people have been up to, apart from the obvious search for ‘rune’.

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Thanks o so much. I didn’t even know about Norse magic.
Im on it
Thanks again