My first experience with Lucifer

Apparently I still do not have fully developed see (clairvoyance) and although I concentrated so much I couldnt achieve materialization, but I can feel him or do channeling…So, I made a circle in a black genre and draw the triangle on a paper, I put a white candle, a glass of water and a incense. Although most of things I recited the enn almost whispering I started to relax a lot and felt comfortable for some reason doing all that. I felt the presence in a moment ago, next to my bedroom door and then close to me where I put the triangle even though the energy was not so strong, he was in my bedroom. I kept reciting his enn and… I’m started to do a channeling.

The conversation;
•Lucifer; Is not necessary to kept reciting I’m already here
•Me: I’m not 100% sure and I need more concentration.
[I got up a little the pants since it began giving me cold because my ass was exposed lol]
•Lucifer: That is not necessary either, I will not do anything to you and it is not correct.
[How I started channeling out of nowhere didn’t know if it was my imagination or not, but the phrases went out very “fast” and out of nothing to be me, and it wasn’t my mental voice… I kept reciting the enn and concentrating on him sigil which I drew it on a stone I painted white. Then I did the “Substantial Contact with Lucifer” and the enn again].
•Me: I don’t see you, I can’t see you…why?.
•Lucifer: You don’t see me but Im here
[His voice was too masculine to be mine. I closed my eyes for a moment and an image formed in my head unintentionally. Green eyes.]
•Me: Beautiful green eyes!
[I closed my eyes again and A guy with a little beard and a little blond/coffee hair started smiling at me.]
•Lucifer: Hiii!!!
•Me: Nice to meet you
•Lucifer: Nice to meet you too!! --keep smiling–
•Me: It’s you? Lucifer? I didn’t think you’d look like that…
• Lucifer: He came a little closer. You wanted to see me more elegant?. --switch to a black jacket and shirt for a moment–. I just want you to be comfortable, it’s hard for you to trust.

[Then I did the “Lucifer Meditation” I was surprised that the part that I had to imagine a green halo I did instinctively and the wing part felt something on my back before reading that part.]
•Me: I never thought I’d do this. I didn’t believe in these things in the old day and that scared me…
•Lucifer: We’re not bad… light and darkness complement each other --keep smiling–( He told myself differently but I don’t know how to explain it).Do you feel that anyone(demon) is really bad?
•Me: I once read of a girl, instead of protecting her…the demon attacked her.
•Lucifer: Oh…, that is sad, don’t worry I dont…and Astaroth won’t do anything to you like that.
•Me: By the way… I have a job for you. I need you to protect me, that no black witch or bad entities and energy comes near me to hurt me, I would want accompaniment and spiritual learning too, and to have a friendly relationship, with all the respect possible, Astaroth is my guardian right now, and I left him the same task, tell him to agree.
•Lucifer: I hope he doesn’t get jealous or something, no, I don’t think he gets jealous, it’s a joke --laugh–, we’re like friends, I know him and I’ll tell him
Me: Thanks you for that he’s like a friend for me now. And I know some would ask you for money, but I really prefer to acquire knowledge
•Lucifer: Thats true and it’s good.
•Me: I don’t know why I not being able to see you physically… I have a blockage?
•Lucifer: Maybe you still can’t, and no, you don’t have any blocks.
[ At the time I gave me some sleep, maybe I was losing energy…]
•Me: Well, thank you for being here and answering me, thank you very much. Could you stay to sleep?.
•Lucifer: I can stay, we can both stay if you want.
I closed the circle, turned off the candle, the incense, I thanked again… I felt like I talked very little to him he was being extroverted with me…and I’m so nervous sometimes when I’m meeting someone new lol, I was quite surprised, maybe in the night I would do it again because I was wanting to ask him some things and talk more. I fell asleep easily.

if you know how to have a good/better communication and connection with these two guys I’ll be grateful.
Thanks u for reading! :heart_decoration: :sparkles:


I forgot to mention that one moment I mentioned to him that I always draw attention to his name and that I even defended him when some people spoke bad things about him. Like “he’s a philosopher he isn’t bad” etc. He laughed and told me that I might have a connection with him, that I always knew he would be close to me or something like that. He was more happy and grateful when I mentioned this… I never think that he will be “warm” with me


The appearance seemed like lucifer. He appeared to me as a teen with punk fashion and caramel hair and wings.

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Definitely him.

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Sounds pretty awesome I’ haven’t been able to hear clearly yet when contacting spirits. But a great question o ask is what’s the wisest thing you could tell me right now. I asked my higher self this question and he almost took over my mouth and made me speak his answer but the effect stopped before I actually started speaking unfortunately. I call Lucifer my father I asked to be his son many years ago.

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Thanks for sharing! It’s good to see people having such experiences, getting through barriers and limits. Keep up the good work!

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Ahh yes! that color of hair I was trying to explain and fun his punk style! I saw him in very casual clothes, jeans and a loose tshirt

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Thank you very much and luck for you too! I have to keep studying, as always “practice makes the master” in all things ^-^

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Lucifer is really awesome… Hail Lucifer… I visualise him as really potent white light filling me and my surrounding…like a Jacuzzi of white light… My eyes also shining white


Sounds like a spiritual bath or spiritual code like saying “im here to guide you” beautiful

Pretty cool. I should probably call on him again. It has been over 6 months. I had asked him help with Astral Projection and evocation/invocation… being able to see the spirits i contact better you know?
Once he left he left this dense mass of energy behind. Kinda as a gift i think. A very unique quality of energy. I don’t think i had ever felt energy like that before. It had warmity to it… almost a smell… hm…
Now that i come to think about it… and that’s the first time i actually think about it… the things i asked him… i think he gave me. It happened so slowly and gradually that i hadn’t really stopped to think about it till this day.
Huh… Gotta message him again and thank him i guess.