My first Experience with Evocation

I am very new to left hand path. I have practicing Reiki for 10 years now. I was initiated into Kundalini/kriya yoga at a young age.
I was very interested in Aghori practices. However, I was not able to find a proper preceptor. Hence, decided to learn it from Heroic demons like Azazel /Belial/ Lucifer.
From that point I started browsing Black magick videos and lectures.
Recently started practicing evocation.
Today was my third day of evocation.
First day I tried to evoke Azazel. It was cumbersome.

2nd day I tried Belial, I felt a cool energy surrounding me. And for the whole night the room temperature was a little less than other rooms. It was very enjoyable.

Today was the third day, I used the same piece of paper that was used in the 2nd day. I was planning to give some offering. As, some people mentioned that Belia is unlikely to help without proper gifts. First, I thought of some blood from my body. I didn’t find any sterilized needle.
Hence, decided to offer sexual energy.

So, while I was offering the sexual energy, a violent windstorm started and the direction was from North. Prior to that it was quite normal afternoon. All of a sudden, it was very dark and there was a power cut. Again, the windstorm subsided when I completed my activity. I came out the winds were still violent but not like when I was offering.
I asked for a long term relationship, a good job, basically to mentor me.
And then hides the sigil somewhere and came out.
I was discussing with my Mother regarding what happened. She is very receptive of astral energies and practices Reiki, Yoga ,meditation.
She mentioned that she was having goosebumps while I was inside my temple and during the violent storm.
While discussing she went to a frenzy, it was like she was shivering the sensation moving to different parts. She started praying to her guru, it subsided.
I mentioned to her, that lord Belial is known for his sense of humor. And he doesn’t harm people.
As, she is completely unaware of geotic demons.
I felt little uneasy now, I had to start for my office. I was kinda feeling guilty.
Then I asked her, if you feel uneasy during the night(I do night shifts) burn the sigil (I show her the location.)
She requested me to burn it asap. I was not planning on that as I smeared it with my saliva and semen and kind of baked it to offer to Lord Belial. As, somewhere it was mentioned that you burn the offerings.
But, the sigil didn’t catch fire(drawn on paper), so I thought maybe he doesn’t want me to burn it. I kept it hidden.
Now, upon my mother’s request, I tried to burn it. It was not catching fire. I tried multiple times, it stops after sometime.
This time my mother tried and it completely burnt.
After sometime the winds stopped and everything became normal as it was before.

I was depressed after this. I do not want someone to say something about the demonic kings. My Mother now completely thinks that they are evil and asked me to evoke Shiva /Ganesha instead. As, they are more closer to heart. However, I feel connection with Geotic demons. I want to learn from them, I do not believe in Humans anymore.

Anyways, this the experience that I had this evening. Kindly, share your feedback.