My first evocation

I have attempted my first evocation today. I have chosen archangel Raphael to ask him for help to watch over someone close to me. I lit a green candle and focused on his sigil in front of me calling his name. Not long after I noticed that the flame was projecting light towards me. I looked at it and focused on it instead and it grew upwards. At the end of it it looked like a solar projection with split ends. I put my hand to it and it would move with it. It stayed with me the whole time until I blew out the candle.
Was this a successful evocation or my eyes playing tricks on me?

It’s kind of subjective. The first time that that specific being appeared for me, he appeared as a flash of white and gold off to my right.

Then, he was invisible as he worked on me. I was calling him to help with a health issue.


@anon85289956 Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I think I’m beginning to understand it a bit more. It was a very good feeling and I should focus on that and keep working on it.