My first evocation

2:00 am Thursday July 9
I lay next to my friend clearing my mind’s s binaural beats play I feel the tension release from my body as I recite the 3 sun method in my head as the white sun leaves I feel my stress leave. Finally peace as I feel the sensation rush of pure silence I begin walking down the stairs 10 1 step closer to the void I repeat this till I get to 1… Last step. I jump off the ledge into the abyss as I feel my body dissolve I slowly melt into my seat becoming aware of the energy in the room I was ready and so was my friend.
2:10 am
I bring myself back still calm I slowly light the candle as my friend lights the other. Our goal was to concentrate a pair of black mirrors as we finish lighting the candles I stare into the sigil before me. vasago… Our goal was to charge the mirrors but deep down I was looking for enlightenment on my spiritual side. As I gaze into the sigil moments later the sigil dissapates into the black table and I fall into a low alpha vasagos en playing in the background. I look over at my friend and ask if he’s also in this state… we were both ready we both stood up and asked vasago to come forth before us. Immediately a cold rush on my finger tips… I slowly sit back down as does my friend I look into the mirror and it just doesn’t feel like it’s me looking back as i look deeper I dissapate into the black mirror… Only to reapear as I do tho I look into my eyes and immediately feel sad and unstable all I saw was pain… It hurt… I begin to look around the room and I don’t see his full form but I do see energy just floating around it followed were I looked it felt like vasago was staring directly at my would deep inside it scared me I can’t lie it made me feel unstable. As we finish up we dismissed him and walking around and just feeling I just feel unstable.

Everytime I look in the mirror the pain is just there in my eyes looking back now.

I trust the process

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Glad we could do a evocation together. New experience for me as well.

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