My first evocation try on Lucifer

Ok so, first of all hello to all. Today I finally tried to evoke Lucifer, and searched the sigil on Internet and put the enn meditation. Surprisingly, merely after 2 minutes the sigil started to go 3d, it was very weird. I must say i’m an absolute beginner in this, and don’t have my astral senses developed. I welcomed him and said my requests (2) and if he could comunicate with me on my dreams. After that said he can go in peace. I don’t know if I actually evoked him, because I can’t feel anything but should I try again tomorrow but with a longer meditation on his sigil? Help. Thanks in advance


Always exciting to see these. Subscribed! Good luck!!! Plenty of help to he found here. Additionally, use that search function for more ideas.

Sigils are an excellent way to focus and meditation sharpens those senses and focus as well. However, demons generally know when you’re reaching out regardless of the ceremony. I’d wager you’re on the right track either way. Keep at it!!!

Someone far better equipped than me should be along shortly to give you their counsel as well.


Even if you don’t feel or see or hear him, he does. So he did heard you. Keep working on your astral senses, with meditation and opening the 3rd eye and keep summoning him, ask him to help you get your senses, your 3rd eye open. When the sigil starts to glow, go 3d like you said, it mean “the portal is opening” ya know, with the other side, I usually keep focusing on it after start to glow, like to concentrate more energy, to get the “portal” more consistently, maybe. So yeah keep for a little longer if you feel the need to, just to be sure. I’ve heard of people that took like 15 minutes to activate the sigil, so. But he did heard ya, and in time you’ll be able to hear, feel, see him too. :slight_smile:


I don’t have to add anything here, well said.

However, you should still try to open your astral senses. It’s true that in this path it could become bothersome to do so, because it’s not the most exiting thing to do, especially in the beginning. But it’s something that must be done, if you want to work with spirits and get stronger.


I would say that was a success

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