My First Evocation to Duke Sallos

I am New to getting in contact with spirits… with that being said please excuse my Ignorance if I Say something that incorrect.

I tried to Invoke Duke Sallos, around 4 pm this afternoon, not sure if everything went according to as it should be: I’m sure I messed up somewhere.
I made a circle, approx 4ft wide, placed 1 black (chime candle) on every cardinal point (ESWN in that order), placed two Red Ceremony candles and a small white candle a bit in front of the red candles ( I believe Sallos in on the WEST, that’s why I placed my altar facing the west, not sure if that’s correct). was that right???
called on the guardians of the E, S, W, N, and the sky to watch over the circle… I lid the white candle first, then the incense, meditated a bit… lit the 2 red candles and drew my inverted pentagram (black pen) on a 3-inch paper (precut) took out the premade sigil of Duke Sallos stared at it for while, saying SERENA, ALORA, SALLOS, AKEN… over and over. The Red Candle on my right crackled a few times, then I proceeded to take my Petition out and read it out loud and in my head as well.
There was no sound, smell, no contact or anything out of the normal… I burned the petition and the sigil… thanked the spirits that were here and thanked the guardians, put out the flame from the white candle then the red candles (right then left side) and extinguished the Black candles (E, S, W, N) turned my lights on and clean up…

Did I do it right???

I really want this to work… If anyone has tried it and it worked please show me how…

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