My first evocation supplies, sigils and help

Hey Balg family,

I am reading the become a living god trial pdf from E.A Koetting that you can purchase for 9.99.

In the book it discusses the three godlike powers (evocation, divination and soul travel)

I am currently home schooling myself and so becoming a black magickian is apart of my studies.

I am also a spirit keeper and I am very new, just got my first spirits from creepyhollows conjured for me and have been learning about it as I go.

That was a tangent but hopefully it’ll help with this post :slight_smile:

I need help with making the sigil for my spirit he is a blue dragon and I have his name but I was instructed to keep the name of the spirits you keep private to only a few close friends. I don’t know much about sigils yet but I saw some videos and was wondering do I NEED parchment paper? and if I use normal loose leaf paper or computer paper can I make the sigil based around the spirits name making sure to leave out the vowels right?

I also plan on using salt because I don’t have a circle but if these go well I will definitely purchase a Become a living god circle.

I have two more questions about this process which is will I get the same results if I do the ritual outside around 4:00 am while the wind isn’t to heavy?

I also got confused because it said have 4 black candles one for each direction but it also mentioned using coal resin or incense resin. I was wondering could someone direct me to a video or guide me on how this works? I am not the best at following directions and couldn’t figure that out on first read.

I will look around for answers in the mean time, thanks in advance

You can use plain ol’ computer paper for a spirit seal. Actual parchment is very expensive, and was used traditionally because mass produced paper didn’t exist.

You don’t have to remove the vowels in the spirit’s name. That is a Chaos Magick technique for creating personal sigils, not spirit seals.

The easiest way to create a seal from a spirit’s name is to use something like the Rose Cross, and simply trace the name upon it:

You only need a circle, and candles, and incense, if you are evoking your spirit to a full physical manifestation.

Since you sound like a beginner, I would advise you to start by creating the seal for your spirit, opening it, and talking to it.


I use notebook paper half the time. Ive even made a contract with someone using some. If you go for using salt, Id make sure to consecrate it first at least

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Is concecrating it the art of making sure it doesn’t have any bad juju so nothing else gets into my circle? and what kinds of circles do you reccomend using? The book only listed a few items I could go through like flour or drawing it on fabric which I suppose is how they made theirs.

What is the difference between the spirit seal and the personal sigil? Also he is a blue dragon so if I wanted to use a variety of different spirit seals or personal sigils I saw a book with alot of planetary sigils. Could I use a bunch of those every time I did evocations and just make sure to right his name on the sigil? Sorry that might have been long winded

Thanks for the reply guys, Oh yea the other thing I didn’t understand was the coal incense stuff that he mentioned. It said to place the candles on all four cardinal directions and then it says “set your censor in the direction the spirit will materialize” What is a censor and how do I know where the spirit will materialize? I don’t right?

Omg I just read the rose cross sigil and it sounds sooooo interesting I can’t wait to learn more about sigils but this will definitely do the job for now.

A censor is simply something in which you burn the incense. Have you ever watched a Catholic mass in a movie? The metal container they swing around trailing smoke is a censor. For evocation, you just need a fire proof container for the coal and resin.

A spirit seal is the equivalent of the spirit’s phone number. A personal sigil is usually designed to bring about a specific intent.

No. Do not use seals/sigil you find in books unless you are absolutely sure of the spirit’s planetary correspondence. Otherwise you will be invoking energies that may have nothing to do with your dragon.

Don’t make things complicated. All you really need to do is trace the name upon the Rose Cross. That’s it. Nothing else is required to make initial contact. Once contact is made, then you can ask the spirit to provide a more personal seal, but until then, a simple one made from its name is fine to start.

If you don’t know what direction the spirit is going to manifest, then pick one. Did CreepyHollows give you any sort of correspondence for your spirit, like his element? If they did, then you can evoke him in the direction of his most primary element. East for Fire, South for Air, West for Water, and North for Earth (note: this is an older elemental correspondence given by the Gallery of Magick and is different from the standard established by the Golden Dawn, in which East is Air and South is Fire.)

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The Sigil of self would be a personal sigil, not necessarily one you’d use as a seal for your purple dragon spirit, unless you’re trying to bind it to yourself, in that case you should have a separate seal, open it and speak with your spirit to see if they’d be willing to be bound to you.

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Blue dragon cough cough and thank you btw and he is bound to me already he was conjured for me

I misread the post, I was under the impression that the Blue dragon spirit was separate from your own. The Sigil of self may work with it, maybe expaned, some kind of symbolic wording or symbols going around the thumbprint. There’s also the chaos magic method of using the letters from his name, no you don’t need to take the vowels out but you can if you want. Idk


If I look up sigils of the self will any good articles come up? I have a pdf that talks about the science of sigils but I still don’t know much about them and I also made his name out in rose cross sigil form so I may try that during the evocation.

The Sigil of self is one I thought of that has brought some good results for me and the few others in my circle on a similar path as me and is still being experimented with so no I don’t think any articles other than mine will come up for that search.