My first evocation of sitri

So, this is what I did tonight:

I lit up a candle and some incense, drew the sigil of sitri, played some 4hz binaural music and started meditating while looking at the sigil.

I could see the lines flickering, and the whole sigil getting distorted.

I started chanting sitris enn: “lirach alora vefa sitri” over and over. And I started calling “sitri come to me”…

I couldn’t feel any presence at first, so I repeated chanting the enn and calling on sitri to come.

Then I remembered that I read here that the spirits always come when being asked. But maybe I wasn’t so deep into TGS or that maybe my senses aren’t sharp enough to feel his presence.

I asked him to break my exs current relationship… and bring her back to me within a two weeks… in exchange I offered him public praise, my pleasures from her, some of my hair and blood (which I put on the sigil) and I told him I’d desecrate a church also.

I thanked him for coming, told him he can leave and I burned the sigil…

Any thoughts??


One of the most unique offerings I’ve seen. A+ for originality.

But, congratulations on the experience. Sitri was definitely there.


Thx for the support… it really bugs me that I couldn’t feel a strong presence… and I’m not sure if he accepted the deal! But I did give a lot of offerings on return so I hope it works


Do you suggest I try again or wait for the results first?


Mate, can I ask why the offer of desecrating a church? I’m asking because I’m intrigued to know if this is the sort of thing these powerful spirits want.


Not necessarily… however, sitri is a fallen angel so I thought such offering would please him.

I’m not experienced at all!! But as far as I know each spirit has its own likings in terms of offerings!!


Hah, desecrating a church. :joy:

Fucking genius.

And yes, he was very likely there. The lines flickered, meaning that the energy started coming from him.

That usually opens a direct line of sorts. When you start chanting the enn or just calling an entity, it’s like as if someone started calling your name from the room next to you.

You’re gonna come for sure.

Also, it will be fine - but my first thought at your process was “why so many offerings?”.

Remember your place in the universe. You’re not supposed to give too much in hopes that they will consider your request.

Get rid of hoping, assume your power, don’t give out too much because of insecurity.

When you want to give a bigger gift to an entity, do so from a place of power and as a sign of friendship and appreciation.

Good job though. :grin:


Well I’m kinda asking him to do two things in a short time!! So I thought I gotta give him a bigger payment :smile:

Idk why… but I have the urge to repeat the ceremony… do u think I should?


If you feel the need to try again then you havent let go of it.
You gave a 2 week span for the work i wouldnt do any other work for the same goal during that time.


It is up to you, really.

Check the urge. Dig DEEP into it, and be brutally honest. Does it seem like YOUR urge, something that is coming from a place of “I’m not sure if it worked… ahh panick panick” or is it coming from nothingness?

If it’s coming from “panick” place, then it’s obvious.

If it’s coming from nothingness, it’s your intuition, and you should likely follow it. Perhaps Sitri is calling you.

Either way, I don’t think he would mind too much if you tried again. At the very least, if you do decide to do it, do it for the practice. Try asking him to appear in beholdable form and make himself known.

If you do it again, consider that the last time. After that, you need to let go and let Sitri work on it.

Let go completely of the lust for results.

Also, don’t start mixing rituals into this one. You got Sitri, the demonic prince working on this shit! He WILL deliver.

If you start adding other entities into the mix, it can muddle up the working.


I think I will repeat the evocation again… and I’ll tell sitri that due to my lack of experience I wasn’t sure if he accepted my first deal…

This time though I’ll take my sweet time meditating before I start calling on him…

On a side note… I had this thought today: “I will have her back despite everything… I don’t care if God, Satan or the whole universe are against me… I will get what I want”


That’s a good start.

But I would like to offer some advice - dig deep into why you want her back. Again, be brutally honest.

Perhaps she is not perfect for you. Perhaps you would be better off with someone else.

Who knows.

But dig deeply, and be sure it is what you want. Once it manifests, it would suck to realize it’s not what you really wanted. It would be a big ass learning and growth experience though, that’s for sure. :yum:

Once you have fully dug around in your feelings and reasons why… you’ll know everything you need to, and be able to bring down your power with no remorse.

That is acting with intelligence. Knowing the situation, having all the possible information you can, and then acting with your full power, with no guilt.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure I want this done!! And not only for love but also for hatred and revenge :slight_smile:


Why desecrate a church? Why would that give it pleasure? Couldn’t you have just offered insense? I not trying to down the way your doing things, but I’m legitamantly asking questions I don’t know the answer to.


Isn’t it strange how we feel hatred and revenge alongside love? I understand this feeling. It’s like, “you did this to me, and now you will pay, but I still really care about you”. Lol


Very true !!!


Can I get a link to where you saw this ?

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Read EAs article about TGS and rupture… I’ll try to find it for u

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I thought this might please him since he’s a fallen angel

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Because some LHP Spirits hate the angels with a passion. The way I understand it their’s a lot of old grievances. Wars that occured centuries, perhaps even millennia ago.