My First Evocation of Dantalion. Here's what happened

I have been working with Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield lately, and after many months of reading the tome on and off, I decided to try the Connective Evocation within the books pages. I wonder if anyone else has a similar, or even more robust experience…

I wrote the following in my little black book after the ritual:

"I just wrapped up an evocation with Dantalion. Nothing much appears to be happening by way of verbal communication, or my hearing the voice of the demon in my mind with Dantalion, and perhaps Bune, although one of my candles went out, right before I called his name.

I do feel very strongly that Dantalion absorbed my request, and as I write this, I’m feeling that the message was very well received and that he is at work. The communication seems to be of an intuitive nature, a subconscious knowing of the spirit’s intent, which after the evocation seems to rise from the subconscious, and become known to the conscious mind.

I definitely feel that Dantalion has communicated that he will grant my request. It’s a sense of satisfaction that is being projected to me when I think about the request, and it even seems that Dantalion requested me to think of how I want to feel, and the visualization of scenes from an experience that I want, and a feeling I want to have. He seems to have asked that question, but I didn’t realize it during the evocation. I know that DOM says to offer the Demon some visualizations and feelings, but I didn’t consciously remember that during the evocation, it seems to have been communicated none verbally.

Interesting experience with Dantalion. I definitely feel it was a success, and I’m starting to understand more about how this type of evocation works."

Thanks for reading.


And how did things work out?

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