My First Evocation Experience

My First Ever Evocation.

I chose the spirit who constantly was over my shoulder whilst I spent my childhood locked In my room studying, mythology, magick, religion and the occult.

This entity was the reaper I already had a altar set up for him, for a few months giving offerings. However never did I evoke him bare in mind I was nine years old, yeah this is a bloodline thing for me so I started early.

I already did extensive work on being able to feel energies, perform divination, cast spells, leave my body, see energies and enter deep trance at this young age.

So I made a circle from death dirt I collected, which was consecrated in the light of many full moons and enlivened by my blood. I cast the circle, invoked power into my being and called the watchtowers.

I stood there with four black candles which my mother bought from a spiritual shop, which had scythes on them.

I lit them and began doing what I read, I performed circumambulation, counterclockwise in the circle, while reciting ‘Rise’ over and over.

As I did this the flames extinguished, a sinister energy radiated from the dirt of the circle. This was on a full moon, my room was pitch black except for a tiny amount of moonlight shining directly into my circle. I dropped into trance like I was practising for a while as a child, I felt the room become freezing.

The atmosphere became lifeless, sinister, dark but in a odd way beautifully terrifying. The circle was radiating death essence everywhere, with energy manipulation and use of my auric field, I shifted the energies in the right way to make a perfect environment for death itself to manifest.

Where my altar for death was set up, seemed to be a energetic hooded shadow, growing and growing. It’s presence was already there, I began chanting

‘ O’Reaper rise to my words, come to my call, spirit of death, king of the dead, I summon thee, manifest and come ‘

I remember it to be something like that, probably not 100% accurate but pretty close. The shadow no longer seemed to disappear and reappear, it used the darkness as a essence to materialise its form.

I began chanting the incantation over and over, pushing energy into that area, feeding his manifestation. I kept pushing and pushing and I just heard.

‘Enough’ that interrupting cold, chilling voice gave me shivers down my spine.
I just stared at him not saying a word he then spoke.

‘ Don’t exhaust yourself too much, we have much to discuss ‘. He began telling me about the rings of Saturn, why death essence is and how it can be used.

We spoke about the reason for death, the cycles of the universe, the importance of death in our existence. I learnt so much in that one night, I remember his appearance even now, no legs his lower half was a black serpent.

Upper half had arms as black as obsidian, a cloak made of darkness instead of material and no face just a invisible of matrix of mystery staring back at me.

This was my first Evocation which I performed at 9 years old, when I told my mother. She didn’t even react badly, she was a practitioner herself however she was worried about how embedded I was in Black Magick. Since I was immersed as intense as a 30 year old magician would be into darkness, at the age of 9.

When I told her I faced death, she asked me ‘What … Why death ?’. I simply replied to her, because I wanted answers and I got them. She looked at me with pride but at the same time with worry, even now I’m almost 20 years old, she cannot believe that I kept this bloodline going.

Anyway enough of that, this was my first Evocation ever, hoped you enjoyed it was a experience I can never forget.


Connor Kendall.



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Do you think that your bloodline makes spirits more receptive to you? Perhaps the same spirits have favored your family across generations. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?