My First Demonic Blood Sacrifice

So I gave my first demonic blood sacrifice.
So this was my first time pouring blood on to a sigil on paper.
And well it was going great but I poured to much blood and it ripped the paper.
I don’t think they liked that, is there like a way to better prevent that in the future?
Otherwise it seemed to go well.


You dont have to be overzealous. Especially with blood. You could get badly hurt. Usually just a couple of drops are enough.


haha, I’m fine. I was worried about the sigil.

Well send a pic to see the problem. (I feel like tech support lol XD)


If you want to try drawing the sigil with a fountain pen, you could mix the blood with ink to serve as the sacrifice. While thicker paper is recommended, it can be pulled off without ripping the paper.


Sometimes more blood will be desirable because the spirit gets more energy from it. And it can help your results go beyond what they’d normally be. You can put as much blood as the paper with the sigil can handle and then put the rest of the blood on blank peices of paper that you burn as an offering. You can squirt a syringe of blood into a fire or pour blood into a fire. Or larger or thicker peices of paper.