My first deep alpha state trance:

I think I slipped into theta from alpha because people can feel physical spirits in theta,

Dearest B.A.L.G. You’re not gonna believe what I myself experienced myself. Okay so this this the story. FYI little nsfw so beware and read with a little caution please.

okay so I did the breathing technique to get into alpha state trance and followed the instructions to the brim, then it’s as DarkestKnight said my mind, eyes👀& surprisingly my heart chakra all became deeply heavy towards my inner cores immediately, so after following everything there was, I always recalled darkestknight saying everything can be done and accurate in alpha state trance,

so the first thing I took action on immediately was cast a highly unbreakable great luck spell upon me and me alone, only I can shatter it’s enchantments in the all around me, so what the spells basically designed to do tis absorb all the cast off energies in the all around me and recycle♻️& transform it into great luck energies for my physical life here upon earth🌎

then as I successfully cast my very first spell, how do I know I casted it successfully because from the void of the screen of my eyes I saw powerful streams of energies, lines of godlike energies forming into a sphere in front of me, then my mind and eyes and heart chakra grew heavier and I suddenly felt instincts that the spell was cast successfully and that I’d nothing to fear,

now after that, I wished to highly evoke Anubis the living Egyptian death💀god of our worlds and the next, and because I had the hots for him and I think he knew it too as well, so then I mentally chanted: Anubis come forth, then in my still deep alpha state trance I saw behind my void like eyelids a powerful spirit somewhere near the entrance towards our kitchen, then he spoke: “that’s enough Nicholas I’m here”,

then he started to become deeply sexual, FYI I’m male and gay, anyways, he became deeply sexual in my presence I think he’s possibly been observing me invisibly in the soul realms for quite some time, then his sexual energies grew then he came over to me deeply caressing my stomach and my stomach physically retreated because of how great his powerful sexual energies were, dam I knew spirits were powerful but he was something else, truly he was, sexual energies was emitting from his arms like rivers towards his palms and in the process of caressing my navel chakra aka my stomach and it was intense and he started saying spicy and enticing words and then i asked him to sign his name to make sure this was truly the Anubis then he did so without haste but his sexual energies? The session was so intense and strong if i stayed in deep alpha state trance for much longer i could’ve reached a organism, so I politely dismissed Anubis and said kindly: “I’ll evoke you back later that okay”, he didn’t seem to mind, so I started counting up like darkestknight said to slip outta my deep alpha state trance

And after that I was like: wow that just happened for the very first time in my life, highly note to self if you rock in a chair while performing alpha while rocking in a chair that’s a no go🙅‍♂️so if you’re in a chair stop rocking and sit still I mean it & take your headphones and music out too as well, this shall fudging help this tis exactly what I did and that’s how I got myself into deep alpha state trance y’all,

I’m gonna highly design Anubis a sigil using a cross rose picture I saved in my photos, so yeah @DarkestKnight I’m giving you a lot of credit and thanks🙏do you think if I keep this up i might move into theta? let me know ASAP in the comments below,

Highly note to self keep eyes shut for with eyes closed this tis called soul insights see with your astral eyes and with your physical eyes closed when in alpha keep y’all minds chatting off and visualize hearing wave or wind sounds, and deeply visualize the numbered too

Multiverse Blessings everyone.


Bro I am happy for you, congrats , but I would be much happier if you had used the spacebar, seriously. :grin:


Oh right paragraphs sorry, I’m doing this on my iPhone so it’s quite challenging, tell me have you slipped into theta because I know In my story that I for one twas not in alpha I twas in theta how else could Anubis physically touched me,

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Of course. Had many successes with it. Listen you don’t have to be absolutely neccesary in Theta for you to be able to feel a touch. You gotta develop your clairs for that. A touch is a good start however.

Now you gotta manifest a thing or two. Could start with something as small as a buck. Just a confirmation of all of it being real. Touches are great but you want more, don’t you?

Anyways mate, good luck. :+1:

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Nice work and congratulations! :smiley:

I took the liberty of editing your post to add some whitespace, and hopefully that will help you get more replies. I also added an @ for @DarkestKnight so he will see your question that was directly for him. :slight_smile: :+1:


I plan to try to sleep deprive myself again to Enter theta naturally so I can evoke Anubis for a good time lol and have a nice long conversation with him, and evoke another spirit I know that can teach me to develop my astral senses so he can teach me to manipulate air pressure so I can levitate myself and do so much more the spirits from franz bardons second powerful grimoire and I’m gonna mentally evoked him and how I’m gonna sleep deprived myself I was thinking about splashing cold waters upon my face to keep me bright eyed and bushy tailed

How did u get into the state?

Id highly recommend staying awake for three days to slip into theta for this one and on the fourth day you’ll be walking around in a magical trance all day long also thetas used for everything such as soul traveling too FYI there’s a full blood red moon on Sunday this weekend so everyone stay awake with me until Sunday so we can all slip into theta and evoke spirits manipulate energies and whatever you’d like to do during this sacred moon moments

I thought you said you did some breathing exercise?

I did, I just think sleep deprivation has more a punch to it,

I’ve tried staying up for 4 days but can’t get past 2 days max.

So I wanted to know what was your technique you used for yourself please?