My first couple of questions

Hi all
Totally new to magic. My first question is I don’t have any me space in my house for doing magic. Can I use a space where other people hang out in or do I need a dedicated room for it? Second is I was thinking of taking the black magic course that Mr.Koetting offers. Has anyone done it and is it a good starting place?

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You can do magick anywhere. A dedicated space is helpful so you are not disturbed while in trance, but do it where you can. Most people do it in their bedroom.

To be honest, to get the most out of the Black Magick course, you should already be proficient in at least the basics of evocation. If you are a beginner, I would recommend the Mastering Evocation course first, before moving to the black magick one.

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Thank you. Want to be sure my progression is in a logical order. Don’t want to put the horse before the cart…lol

Other way around…lol