My first contribute of a few spells/ritual I think mite be useful to many

Hi there, some of these I have not personally used, but others have I know with good results. So here it goes, Hope its a inspiring first post for some to learn from and help them.

Bring about Change life is hard in this world when you feel like the like roofs are caving in so, if you need a fucking kick in the bum to get a kick start. Do this

  1. Write down something that you would like to change in your life.
  2. Find a tree, that works for you to sit under, Oaks are most recommended.
  3. Sit you butt down under it, and visuise what it is you want changing.
  4. Bury what you have written under the tree on your paper.
  5. Leave the tree an offer be it a banana, cake, berries.
  6. Ask your tree if you can steal one of its leaves.
  7. Take that leaf and keep it with you, and carry for change to happen while still time to time thinking about how you want that change to happen. Or leave it at under a crystal and go see it and push your manifesting of change into the leaf.

Now a lot of people are just a little to damn sensitive, emotional over load. You question your gut feelings and intuition to much. Here’s something to help with that.
This is a spell folks
3 drops of Frankincense Oil, 1 bay leaf, mortar and pestle just something crush it with works too. A simple hot charcoal disk, you don’t light this before becareful not to burn yourself. Toss it in a metal pan, pot, something that won’t melt from it. Then get your pen and paper.

  1. Drop the Frankincense Oil on the Bay Leaf, Rub it in good, think about your question you need the answer too, hell just ask your question out loud this works best.
  2. What ever your gonna use to crush the leaf in get out, drop the leaf in it and crush it in the bowl or mortar, clock wise direction.
  3. Now put the Charcoal disk in its bowl fire proof of course can’t express that enough, light this disk, up lighter fluid, starter fluid for charcoal, what ever you got, even rubbing alcohol works, don’t be stupid and over flow it with to much its just one disk to light up. This does make smoke so Dont be near fire alarms lol. or in un-vented area, as you will need to breath in a little of the smoke and use your 3rd to catch anything coming to you for answers, and have your pen and paper ready to write down answers you get. and the disks usually burn for 30 minutes. Kids shouldn’t do this and more experience and well mannered and mature people should only use this spell. for safety reasons, and health you don’t like stick your nose down to the smoke and cause yourself to be messed up.

Alter spell to this for beginners is also being added now,
Help ya get your intuition right and make a decision
1 blue candle and 7 drops of Rosemary Oil you will need
This spell is more of antidote for your questioning yourself problems.

  1. Put 7 drops of the Rosemary oil onto the blue candle rub in to anoint it good, one drop at a time, from bottom of the candle so you move the oil upward position with your figure for this spell
  2. Light the Candle, Stare into the flame, Focus on your decisions, unanswered questions, or what ever your having to question need your answer too . Then start to using your 3rd eye as you stare into the flame looking for your answer, and speak the answers you get out load and watch the flame flicker side to side is yes to your answer, foward and back from you is no. Pretty simple enough right ?

If this is all to much for the brain or don’t have access to anything then a hears your answer to all that. Make a wisdom tea, but you’ll a tigers eye crystal, don’t have one just sub. it with what ever you got for a crystal even a diamond ring, if you must.

To make your Vision Tea, you’ll need Teaspoon of dried sage leaf, and Teaspoon of dry mint leaf. a pot to brew or a infusion tea maker these are metal and can hold a lot of herb to steep in your hot water, without getting all the herb into the water. or just boil it on the stove with the leaf in the water and use a strainer to remove the leaf after from the water but let steep 10 to 15 minutes the longer the better i like to steep my teas, for this 30 minutes, for best results and just reheat it.
To be honest, all your answers lie deep in you, so this tea just helps blow up from the bottom to the top. If you got specific thoughts, or questions, write these down first, as it helps for everything. Best to breath in the teas, aroma first, like how many will say this is call meditation, you need it do it, or suffer the fact your, not gonna get a damn answer from your inner self. Then just sip on the tea feel the tea, warming up your body flowing through your veins, connecting your inner self to your mind, then focus on your questions you want answered, change you want, how to do it, visual the answer coming to you and write it down. and behold you just talked to your inner self for help were all the answers lay. do all this while holding your crystal !


Thank you.

your Welcome Vampirella