My first contact with Satan?

Im not sure if should write about this for the reason it sounds like kind of braggin and to this day still seems too good to tbe truth never the less i’d, like to hear what you guys think of this

it was little over a year ago, i had been reading and researching about demonolatry and Satanism for about 6 months.

One day during the night i went through one of those phases when you’re half awake half asleep…i heard a loud voice shouting my name …it a wasnt scary or menacing voice it was just someone calling me

Given my recent ventures in the occult i knew WHAT that call was but i had no idea WHO it was…around 2 weeks later i was browsing youtube for funny videos and cartoons…when i Stumbled on this…it was exactly the same voice who called me

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That’s very interesting… :thinking: