My first contact with Lucifer

This is going to be alot…

This takes place the day of the virus hijacking ritual. I just got done with the ritual and did a little more research on Lucifer before I went to sleep that night. I can definitely feel that Lucifer is ready for me. Most of my spiritual experiences happen in my dreams.

In my dream I was hired to house watch a mansion. I was just hanging around the house and I had a goblin looking pet and he was a warlock. Idk why he was a warlock but I don’t think it was that important. I was looking around and I stumbled across a loose floor board and found a chest. In this chest was stolen property of mine and files with my name on it. I take the files and leave to report to the police of my findings. On my way out I tell my goblin creature to look around the house for more. While I’m driving to the police station I black out and I wake up in a prison with all of my limbs cut off. But no blood. A man walks up to my cell and says you and your creature have been looking where you shouldn’t have, and now your going to have to be in here untill you learn your lesson. He leaves and I see writing on the wall. I can’t remember what the writing says but I know it starts with a V. I say the word I see on the wall and my leg flys back onto me. I read the next and my other leg flys back onto me. I try to run and to find more words but as soon as I run out of the cell a chain gets thrown around my legs and they tear my legs back off. Im absolutely loosing my mind at this point and I am trying to get out the best I can over and over again but nothing seems to work. I start to loose hope and I finally remembered something I read. In my darkest crisis call amaymon to your aid and he will help. I also remember that e.a had a story about how he was surrounded by police with guns pointed at his head in one of his story’s and he stayed calm and just started meditatingz and sure enough it worked. I take all of this and put it into work. I start to breath and meditate while in my own dream! I achieved the rapture state in a matter of seconds. I call appon amaymon in my dreams and I can definitely feel his presence. I ask him to help me out of here and to help get revenge on who did this to me. The next thing glowing red words slowly fade into visibility on the cell wall. I read them out loud and my arm flys back onto me. I call forth both of my arms and legs and try to run for it. The chain grabs one of my legs and one of my arms. I hop out of the prison I was held by and I see a old lady with a red staff. She slams the staff on the ground and huge pillers of ice block my path. She slams the staff again and fire balls shoot out exploding as I jump away from them. I land on a stick and I pick it up and that using it as a crutch to walk on. I continue to dodge and run from this old lady shooting fire at me till I get over this hill. Out of random thought of what could happen I slam the stick onto the ground and yell “Shiraack!” And a huge explosion lands where the old woman once stood. I continue to get away and find the man who put me in the cell. I jump on top of him and start yelling at him trying to get information on why he put me in there. He trys to pull a pair of scissors out and cut me with them. Before he is able to I knee him in his jaw knocking him unconscious. I walk away and I soon wake up from my dream.

I Honostly don’t know what to think of that other than I used what I learned to escape a dire situation. I continue through my easter and was a overall good day. Night falls and I do a little more research about Lucifer. I start to meditate and I enter a state where I can feel energy around me move. I usually open my eyes to test if I’m in the right state. I normally would see the room around me buzzing. I call to Lucifer while in this state and get no response. I soon lay down and decided to go to sleep.

In this next dream I swear it was a lucid dream. I was completely aware I was a sleep and dreaming.

I’m standing outside of a mansion and I have Lucifer next to me. I dont know if this is connected to my last dream, but I do know that it was called Garrison mansion. I walk in with Lucifer and he is just a ball of light. He starts to shoot light into me, and I would feel more and more powerful after each ray of light I consumed. It got to a point where I could just look at it and imagine a fire staring and it would happen. I start burning down this mansion and the when place is on fire and radiating light. Lucifer started to talk to me and says “Im not the source of this power, you are the source of this all.” I think it was along the lines of this, it incredibly difficult to remember but it also feels real. After he says that I start to ask a few questions. The first was am I ready to learn from you. And the answer was a strong yes. After that I ask him what is my part to fulfill before I can learn from you. But I never got an answer, but I did hear another voice in the back of my head at the time. It was about the virus ritual I did. It was like it was telling me that it accepted the blood I sacrificed for my protection and alignment with the virus.

After this dream I woke up at 3 am exhausted. I’ve only experienced this once but not for as long with vassago. I find all of this absolutely amazing experiences. And that Lucifer is ready for me.


Thanks for sharing!

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