My first attempts at the gatekeeper ritual

So i have been saying lately that i have been preparing to do the gatekeeper ritual so i laid my head down in bed. I soul traveled out of my body and called upon the 4 demons amaimon azazel belial and abbadon. I asked them to bring forth the current of the lake of fire and the “hidden current which the gurus know of but do not speak of” as mentioned in E.A koettings book. Upon calling on azazel first and then amaimon i felt nothing but when i called out to belial and abbadon and asked them all 4 to possess my body to open myself to the lake of fire and obliterate any and all weakness in me. As i spoke the words to belial that i was not only ready but willing to destroy all weakness in me i felt an energy flood through my body which i have never felt before it was quite startling. The lake of fire hit me with waves throughout my whole being i felt my subtle bodies being hit with a wave of immense energy that feels like the ocean crashing on you out of nowhere. I felt all my subtle bodies being hit with what i could only assume is the lake of fire current. I thanked all 4 demons being that azazel and belial have helped me through this i dont really see this as a full gatekeeper ritual.


Awesome @Godmagus! :fire:

Well done.

Thank you. It was a very unique ritual

It doesn’t seem to me that there could have been anything else that could have been done with this ritual! It may have been a little different than described within the book, but I think that you did indeed receive that full immersion in the lake of fire. Thank you for sharing your experience. It just proves once again that it is all about the intention and the strength/abilities of the magician. I am going to do this ritual and now that I know that calling the angels is not really necessary I feel so much better! Yay! Did not really want to do that part! I already made the sigils and everything. I have just been putting it off because of that part. Thanks!

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Your welcome. And thank you for your input

You don’t have to use any sigils nor call on any angels!!!

The day I did it, I wrote the names of the Gate Keppers on my journal!

Called on each one respectively and gave them blood.

After that I felt my soul burning for a few days. It was awesome and it felt great!

I simply called them all by name and didnt use sigils nor blood. I use no props really lately but i hope to get an incense burner and some coals for a better manifestation base


What did you learn from it?