My first attempt to evoke... Failed

Hey guys,

I tried to evoke Dantalian, with kopal incense.

I cleared the circle with water with salt and a blessing with my athame, and walked counter clockwise.

I didnt walked counterwise to get into the rapture state, but I started getting into the rapture state by doing the chant and letting myself loose by talking jibberish.

I didnt felt my heart beating to fast to the point that I was going to pass out, but I do get into the point of feeling like a zombie, like feeling asleep, I dont know how to explain, like my eyes look upwards and I just feel like in exstacy.

The incense was moving in a weird way though. I definitely felt a strong presence so much so that my I started getting goosebumps, I still feel goosebumps right now.

I could hear him, not with my ears but as I always do. Internally, I asked him to give me his power and knowledge and I started feeling my crown chakra activating heavily, until he told me that the information that I was seeking was given to me.

Now, what can I do to see him and hear him? Does this evokation still has a good effect on my life?

Thank you!

Sounds pretty successful to me.

Sounds like it went well. I can take a few rounds to get physical manifestation. Keep evoking and you will get manifestation eventually. Keep up with the excercies in the course as well, like anything in life, sometimes you just have to put in the hard yards to train these skills.
I definitely think you will get an effect in your life. Such a broad request like you made can manifest subtly especially in dreams. If you don’t already I would advise keeping a journal of dreams.

every attempt at evocation(or any other magick) is always a success. Keep evoking and eventually that door will open wide.

I love Danatlion. Sounds like you got a hold of him alright. When you do get a visual appearance he will change his form…a lot. Just remember you can always ask him to maintain a form for the duration of your evocation. I didn’t and I almost lost my concentration just watching him shape shift wondering what he was going to become next.

Keep up the good work. Danatlion is (to borrow the phrase the kids use these days) a BOSS.

:smiley: I guess I did better than I thought then,

Yes, I will sure do. I feel truly blessed and inspired to surround myself with uplifting people like you guys.


if you want to increase your trance the old fashioned method of complete fasting for 3 days and 3 nights may help. don’t know if it will be necessary but it will definitely melt the critical censor and let you get into theta-gamma sync easier - when you have fasted for 3 to 5 days you go into trance pretty much automatically

I’ve only fasted for 1 day and have done master cleanse for 10 days.

I am going to do this because I really want to fully manifest the spirits.

Thank you!

good luck H8, just to add there is a very distinct-concrete shift in the “vibrations” that the phy body (nervous system, as well as the matter itself) exudes going into this state.
That results in an “UpGrade” over time of the body (Physical as well as the “energetic” which I put in quotes to not mean a metaphor, but energy-field ~radiowaves, EM, Ultra&InfraSonic standing waves of Sound, as well as the Real Underlying Structure of one’s Space, which isn’t as obvious as may seem).

Anyway- I think that the actual exuded vibrations (which are literally a type of shaking- thus vib) interact with the “space around you” and that change in the space is what the Entity’s focal-pt in the Matrix “Structures” into (as EA phrased it) — so becoming able to create a more intense shift from your systems vibs, allows a (Much) more intense/extreme/Vivid Expression

Doing over time is a piece, but the Key is to make sure each time (ea Working) one reAttunes to where your state is that Day… thus Recog and Act from any changes (else you try to act from prior Energy-Vib states).

Dong many evocations can be a repetition of the same state, with little change to your “coming from” (which requires a change of sense of self, and each time feels like “Whoah, what’s going on.” -that can indicate that resetting-Upgrade…
if it feels and before and after the Working One is in a familiar Physical Vibration, one is suppressing this Upgrading, which takes time. [you can do things to weaken&feel more intense, but that doesn’t create the plateaus of UnFolding Resonance -in my exper]

**the Descent Into matter (rev. transmigration) Enchantment of “your self”

Hi taokua,

Thank you for the deep explanation.

So you are telling that is not required for me to the fasting isnt exactly necessary or ascending?

How can I unsuppress the ascending throughtout each evocation?

I definitely feel different each and every day and I usually have to lay on the floor after doing the evocation because of exhaustion, then I start feeling that my thinking patterns are not the same and I feel aware of things that I wasnt feeling aware before.

Is this a good sign of ascendance?

Thank you!

Sounds like success without visual confirmation.