My first attempt at True Evocation

What the title states.

Essentially i prepared the altar and followed everything step by step in a completely dark room illuminated by two black candles.

As I went on with the ritual the extreme fatigue became stronger and stronger to a point where i was on the verge of fainting for half the ritual. I even spilled some of the blood of god on evoking eternity lol.

As I was getting closer to the part of the entity materializing, I saw actual light building up and the surrounding growing darker, brighter, move, heard lots of frequencies, it felt like the room was shaking and it also looked that way.

It was getting really intense, but the entity never fully materialized. I saw the outlining a few times but it vanished whenever it happened. It became a loop of some light physically gathering together with lots of smoke then dispersing.

Hence my first attempt failed. I plan to wait a day and try once more.

On a side note during the ritual i felt my brain pulsating, vibrating, getting hotter and colder at various spots, contracting and even felt like my brain was growing out of my head. My spine felt like it was on fire and it naturally brought extreme stillness and sensual pleasure up in me. My crown and third eye chakras were going crazy both releasing light whenever I maintained my eyes closed, burning, vibrating, contracting and also pulsating

Someone got any guess why all that happened?


That actually sounds really excellent, for a first go or otherwise. Nice work!

All the physical stuff is normal when doing heavy magick: you are moving energy through your body in volumes and ways you’re not used to. Lots of qi going on there.

You might be tired in the next week as well, just eat high nutrition foods, avoid sugar and get great quality sleep and you’ll not only recover, you’ll adapt and then maybe get disappointed the next time as the effect gets less and less. Doesn’t mean you’re not moving energy just means your system adapted to handle it better.


I infact feel a bit tired but i plan to attempt it today again i want to summon the spirit physically.

Any idea why it didnt yet manifest physically?

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Actual physical manifestation is very rare and very difficult to do. What normally happens is you use a “manifestation base” such as incense smoke or fire, and the mage scrys into that to see it form in the shape of the spirit.

And most people are not trying to go that far, as it takes a lot of energy and doesn’t help the result any: they are seeing the spirit with clairvoyance senses or knowing what it looks like with clairsentience, not the physical senses.


I guess i need more smoke then


but is true evocation not needed for the stuff in evoking eternity?

Like receiving the mantel of light from Deggal


I think you’re good as long as the entity has shown up in your temple and you have made contact. They can be out of phase with the physical you’re in and still hear you, work on your energy system and effect the changes you want.


I haven’t come across this term before. Could you give a quick run down on the evocation method you used?

Also out of curiosity, can I ask which spirit you were evoking?

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He’s using the basic method from the book Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting. The “blood of god” is red wine infused with the energy of Omnipotence


What Darkestnight said i was trying to evoke Deggal to receive his mantel of light


I hope you made your request because it sounds like Deggal was there.

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i didnt cause in evoking eternity it said to not do anything till you can see and hear him :dizzy_face:

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Attempt number two

this time i barely felt sensations in my body outside of my third eye and crown chakra. Those two were going even more crazy then last time, this time i saw the angel a lot clearer then last time.

I had some problems with the coals for the brazier so physical manifestation wasnt in but i saw Deggal better then i ever saw any spirit except one Jinn.

One Jinn manifested before me physically once after a practical jinn magick ritual that was more intense but aside from that i never had such a pleasure before:

I asked Deggal my request and i believe it was carried out

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Doesn’t sound like failure to me :clap::clap::clap:

You not only didn’t fail, you succeeded both times. Judging from your results, you’re already pretty good at doing self-inductions and deepeners - you get yourself almost to the point of Esdaile with effort.

To hear and see spirits, work with a hypnotist on your trance inductions. Get your hypnotist to put you into somnambulism to the point of auditory, then visual hallucinations. Hallucinations are a hypnotic phenomena of deep trance (what EA calls the theta/gamma sync is basically profound somnambulism).

If they can, have them set a trance trigger keyword and gesture you can use to quickly bring you back to that degree of trance.

Practice hitting that trance trigger when you’re in your magick circle, and THEN call the spirit for as long as you need to until you hear and see them, or perceive them kinesthetically.

On another note - calling spirits into copal resin smoke is not effective work. You’re better served calling them into a black mirror, sheet of polished metal such as polished copper, or crystal ball. These are age-old traditions. Using smoke in front of a mirror or gemstone is very effective. The key is to place your candles directly beside or even a little bit behind the mirror or crystal so the light doesn’t reflect on it, and off to the sides so the light doesn’t hit your direct vision, and to skry into the surface like you’re looking through and behind it instead of at it.

If you insist on doing it the Koetting way, you have to train youru eye and ear to see and hear things in 3D space.

When you look across the room, your eyes go all the way to the wall on the far side of the room. You have to train your eyesight to focus on a 3D point in midair between you and the wall. This is harder than you think and you have to practice it. One way to do this is to hold a pen at arm’s length and stare at teh point until you can focus on that point, then remove the pen and stare at that 3D point in midair.

To do this with your ear, snap your finger at arm’s length to the side and listen for the point where the snap comes from, then listen to the silence from that point and try to locate the 3D point where the snap came from.

Focus on these 3D points and look/listen into those points as you conjure. It’s hard to explain and tricky to do, but this opens a vacuum portal for things to enter our reality.

When you get to that point again, ask the spirit to come. When you perceive the spirit, ask for what you want regardless of whether you see them or not. Seeing spirits and apparitions isn’t as important as you think. What matters is that they carry out the charge.

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I dount i will find a hypnotist anywhere here in germany