My first attempt at penny divination

Hey, guys. I just wanted to share my experience using penny divination.

I find it quite therapeutic and since I’m in a bit of a situation concerning love, it is calming my lust for results by allowing me to confirm things without rushing off to do another spell or look for new rituals to try or stress about the signs I need to look for.

Today was my first time doing this kind of divination(or any kind for that matter) but I do believe I had success. The coins I used were basic pennies and I also invoked my favorite demon Dantalion as I wanted to peak into the minds and hearts of two specific people.

I did a simple chant with his enn while looking at his sigil and I did feel a presence so I used some pennies that I charged with a bit of imagery and energy and asked him questions concerning some topics. I confirmed the answers at least once before moving on and when I got a confusing answer, I asked the question again stating that I would like confirmation.

So far, the answers were straight forward. Soon Dantalion appeared to grow annoyed with me asking him for clarification and he woukd give me mixed answers on questions I asked more than twice about.

I asked him if he would like to assist me with my situation but he wouldn’t give me a definite answer. I asked him if sallos was working on it and I got a yes. So I’m assuming he feels Sallos is enough.

I also asked him if I had made positive connection with Gaap and if he was working, to which Dan replied no. So it seems only Sallos is on the case lol.

It makes sense though, since my heart is never really in curses or magick that can harm so those kinds of spells and rituals hardly ever work for me.

I asked Dantalion if he would like an offering for spending his time with me and he answered no. I asked if he wanted me to stop asking him questions and got a definite yes. He also answered no to further questioning later in the day.

So I guess I have to wait a while before asking him again. I also worked with the coins after I asked Dantalion to depart.

The coins are not as accurate but they are reliable enough to get a clarified answer. I also did several tests to check their accuracy and for the most part, they are right. I asked them basic questions like if a certain person lives with me and I got a yes at least 4 times with one maybe.

Then I asked if I worked from home and again it was accurate. I find that if I lose focus then the coins don’t respond well. I also found that asking the question and shaking them around and then tossing them on the seventh shake gave me better more reliable results.

Well that’s my experience so far. I plan to keep working and adding energy to the coins to make them as accurate as possible.

I’d love to hear other’s experiences and techniques with this method of divination.

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I like coin divination, it’s simple and the answer can be as complex as you want it, Obi style divination? Moon block style? Or just plain old coinflipping?

The thing about accuracy when it comes to divination is that it’s only as accurate as the skill of the caster as well as the input-output pattern of the divination.

If the pattern of the divination method can’t accurately read or display the energy of the situation, well then it’s not going to work well. Especially if the question itself is vague or irrelevant since that screws things up everywhere.

If you want to use coin divinations better, simply make a divination pattern that can read the situation properly, and make sure the coins are properly connected to the pattern through consecrating them.