My First Astral Projection

I think I may finally have achieved astral projection. The impressions and sensations were otherworldly, like my mind was struggling to process raw ideas.

I set out with the intent to find Lucifer, to thank him for his kindness and guidance in leading me to my path, the only spiritual way that has made me feel fulfilled.

I sat and emptied my mind, as I had for countless other attempts. I think what changed it was my having a firm goal.

Beyond my home was a town, not too unlike my own. I think my opinions of my hometown shaped the way I viewed it: it seemed barren and empty, like the vapid spirituality of this area. But I searched, I called out to him.

I found him near the south edge of my town, at a spot where street intersected railroad. He stood across the tracks from me, absolutely as beautiful and radiant as his aura felt all those times I called him when I felt too weak to go on. It was like a thousand colors I could never begin to describe, each one visible yet part of a brilliant gleaming whiteness.

I thanked him, from my soul directly to his. I thanked him for showing me the way, and asked if I could create a dedicated place for him on my altar, part of my family. His very soul seemed to smile an acceptance. I thanked him again, and we embraced. The most glowing warmth filled me, and I snapped back to my physical surroundings. His presence faded, but something of his glory lingers still about my altar.

I made a breakthrough, and another I may not have made without Lucifer. His randiance is a blessing, and I want to publicly share this experience to honor him.

Thank you for reading if you did so. And hail Lucifer, the Shining One, the Son of Dawn!