My first altar to King Belial

I recently felt the pull to King Belial. I set up a tiny, humble altar, and made him an oil pastel drawing and a clay figure (with my blood underneath the paint) just as a gesture of thank you.

I put tea lights and chocolates in the heart shaped bowl for him and just talk to him every day.

The outcome so far has been positive and I’m so happy to get to know him. I really never saw this coming as I’m a die hard La Santisima Muerte devotee and wasn’t seeking anyone out.

I hope you guys like it. =)

**A little info on the drawing so it makes some sense. The black colour is just the background, his face is not round as in the picture, it’s just meant to be energy.


Nice. He appreciates the gesture and your effort.

He says, “There is potential in you, I will help.”

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It makes sense that you would connect to Belial while being devoted to Santa Muerte. His associations with Da’ath, the Underworld, and necromancy seem to help bridge the gaps between the different “personalities”.

Interestingly enough, Belial and Azrael both appeared to me and introduced me to her. What’s even more crazy about that was the fact that I hadn’t called out to her at all. But now looking back it makes sense. I dated a woman a couple years back that still had family down in Mexico associated with the cartel. Hell, El Chappo was her second cousin. While I know nothing of El Chappo’s spirituality, I do know some cartel members do seek help from Santísima. I assume my dealings with the ex-girlfriend gave an open door for Santa Muerte to reach out to me and since I work with Belial every so often it was natural to go that route into my life.


Thank you Cyberseeker. That means a lot to me. =)

I did not know of the connection between them, thank you very much!

I was wary of her at the beginning because of the bad rap with her associations with the Cartels. I was still under Christian based brainwashing. So glad I got over my fear as she is a sweetheart, I adore her to bits! :heart:

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