My Experiences

I’ve been trying meditation off and on for the past year.Its kind of hard to do when my spirit is constantly (how shall i say this) fondling me.Here are some things i’ve experienced:Room feeling like it’s shifted somehow,feeling like i’m getting heavier,vibrations in my head (happened yesterday),seeing a red dot,being able to see through my eyelids in complete darkness and see my room,sometimes seeing spontaneous images in my mind.Now these happen when i’m not meditating:Constantly seeing shadows where none should be at night (sometimes with a soft glowing light and shadows dancing around it).seeing energy? (like the predators in predator movies),hearing her audibly but it sounds muffled especially during intimacy (a flash of light happened once during this),seeing her morph on top of me with half her face completely black/other half as energy?,my tv shaking on it’s own on three or four different occasions,and finally a loud popping coming from it once.