My Experiences with King Asmodeus

King Asmodeus has helped me with so much in my life. A lot of people talk about seeing an absolutely intense and somewhat wrathful side of him, whereas for me I have met a more gregarious yet passionate side of him. I guess I will just start with my beginning with him. Please note, he is incredibly powerful and I do not recommend him as someone to start out with. Especially if you are invoking him.

Asmodeus came to me at a very awful time in my life. My CPTSD had been much worse than usual, and my boyfriend who I had been very committed to had left. I felt incredibly lost in my life and didn’t have a clue in the world what to do. That’s when he contacted me and I allowed him to come into my life. At first, his energy was WILD. Incredibly strong, he made it clear that he was there. He would come whenever he felt like it. Setting boundaries with him is so important.

He helped me realize that I didn’t need to rely on anyone else when I could empower myself instead. Asmodeus walked me through rebuilding my self-confidence and self-love. Then when I had a strong rooting within myself and I was grounded he began to walk me through healing a lot of sexual trauma that I had shoved down for ages. I also had a lot of problems with my sexuality due to internalized homophobia, but he helped me realize that no matter who I love, it’s love and I should embrace that.

Another thing he is great at is protection and revenge magick. Asmodeus is incredibly protective of those that are devoted to him, he has warned me of dangers many times and has even helped me banish, and return nasty energies sent my way by others. He always offers me help when I go to patch up my wards, and sometimes even advises me when I need to cleanse an area of my house if I am not picking up on the build of negativity.

I haven’t seen much of his wratful side (besides when something is threatening), but I have seen him be incredibly helpful with anger. Personally, I have always had really horrid anger issues. But, he helped me start learning to channel them into different things. When he felt he could do all in his power for my anger issues, he sent Satan my way to help more in depth which was an honor and I am incredibly grateful for both of their teachings.

He helped me with past life regression also. I asked him out of curiosity if he would be willing to and he was able to show me an incredible amount of my soul’s history and help me turn those past life experiences into lessons for this life.

All Asmodeus asked of me is to have faith in him, myself, and the occasional offering of some kind of luxurious drink. He very much enjoys alcohol, but he is very fond of fruit juices as well. Some colors he likes are blue, gold, red, and black. Personality wise- he’s great. One thing I will say about him is he knows when it’s the right time for things. If it’s a lighter time he will joke around with you and even tease you in good fun. But, if it’s time to be serious- trust me, he will be. When he gets serious, you listen to what he has to say and you take every ounce of advice to heart. If he gives it to you it’s for a reason. Not taking it to heart is something he sees as incredibly disrespectful, and you DO NOT want to disrespect him. He is extremely powerful and expects to be treated as such. Always address him with his title king until he tells you otherwise.

There are some things you need to avoid with him. Generally, he does not like angels. I have had Michael around him at the same time but it usually ends in bickering and someone ends up leaving (I no longer interact with Michael). You need to be able to read his energy well. If he seems ligher, then act lighter with him. But if it’s serious- you listen and you listen well. Asmodeus hates doubt as well. Especially doubt in yourself or himself. He expects you to know your power and his power likewise. Asmodeus expresses his distaste for dogmatic religions quite often, he thinks they’re a joke, that they confine people and they take your free-thinking away.

If there has one amazing thing he has taught me- it’s to embrace my desires of all kinds. So long as they aren’t destructive to myself or others, he has showed me that enacting on my free-will to do whatever I please is incredibly liberating and brings immense joy and power to yourself.

Another cool thing about him is he gave me my nickname Victory. I asked him why and he said something roughly like (keep in mind this is my interpretation of his words and he most likely worded it a lot differently) “You have always proven victorious in your life. I have never seen you back down from a fight no matter how deep you have thrown yourself. For that, even if you are denoted the defeated, it’s your incredible effort that I will always view you as victorious. That is why I will call you Victory from now on. Take this in stride.”

To sum it up- Asmodeus is great in matters of love, lust, revenge, and logic. Treat him with respect and don’t doubt him or yourself. He will make sure you remove all things that are not serving you and guide you onto the right path. Hail King Asmodeus.


Thanks for your share! How do you see him? Like a man?

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He came to me as a tall man with pale skin, long black hair, vacant white eyes (sometimes midnight blue eyes), usually in a gold and blue royal outfit but sometimes would wear a long white robe, occasionally with blood stained angel wings (this was usually in heavier times), and sometimes with black horns.

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Sorry for that folks

My experience with Asmodeu was with pathworking method. What happened was a wonder, the target fell in two days only…


I did a cut tie spell with him a while back and the person hasn’t interacted with me since. :thinking:

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Thank you.

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I cannot explain why but Asmodeo is wonderful and very fast

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Beautiful thank you!

@Pamelq_Taylor Could you please answer my questions on your introduction. You did not provide any information on your experience in magick as requested so your intro is incomplete.

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