My experience working with Sallos and possibly Dantalion

So I posted in another thread a few weeks ago how I called on Duke Sallos to help with a situation. This is my experience with the mighty Duke.
4 weeks I have been working with Sallos on a rocky and at times turbulent situation with someone I was seeing a year ago. Now, by nature, I am a fire person and can be somewhat overwhelming at times, if not pushy, which does clash with this particular person of interest. To the point of her pulling away from me and being more defensive, even if I am asking how she is, what has she been upto in a strictly plutonic manner.
So, onto Sallos. One of the things I asked Sallos was to help me regain my power, not be so sensitive and not lust for results and I can tell you, Sallos has been exceptional in that area. I don’t get upset if my POI does not want to see me or not contact me for days. I feel more calm and positive and mostly powerful. I do know there is still more work to be done, but things within myself are so much better. As for my POI, no change in her attitude towards me.
I have a system with Sallos that a yes to an answer is that he touches me and a no is nothing at all, which has been great in getting answers and direction. Sometimes his presence and touching me can be overwhelming but what a feeling. My nose starts running, eyes tear up and this intense euphoric chill runs through my whole body. Last night I called up Sallos to ask if I should call upon another spirit to help with my situation and a clear and overwhelming ‘Yes’ physical feeling consumed me. I asked if I must call Dantalion and if he will work with me and again that same euphoric overwhelming chill consumed me. I asked if I must call upon Dantalion with Sallos at the same time and if they will work together and again, same ‘yes’ sensation. So tonight, I will work with both of them at the same time. Will keep you updated but this is my thanks to the great Duke Sallos for all he has done with me, his patience, his care and his presence when I have called upon him. I am so grateful and so thankful. All Hail The Mighty Duke Sallos


That is great friend. Regaining self-mastery is an achievement and an important one. I am not there yet unfortunately, feeling absolutely broken at times. I look forward to being able to be at peace again as you appear to be. To have a certainty of the powers of those you are working with, but not lusting for specific result or pace is a confidence which I am sure helps make you more attractive as well. I look forward to hearing how working with both at once goes for you and am also glad you are able to feel such a strong presence.

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