My Experience with The Runes: Fehu

The Ritual:

I evoked the Rune Fehu and this is what it told me:

Evoke the Runes, gain knowledge. We are not just runes, but living beings. We are the forces of Creation written in stone.


It occured to me that the Runes (capital R) are not just stones, but a group of Spirits (maybe even Gods) just like we use The term Demons, Angels, Loa, etc

And these runes (lowercase r) are their sigils that represent their primordial essence and force. Also the names of the runes such as Fehu, Isa, Sowilo, Dagaz, etc. Represent different houses of spirits in the Norse Pantheon similar to the squares for the House of Kel in The Book Of Azazel: Grimoire of The Damned. And just as there are Grand Demons that rule over various currents of their sphere, the Runes are Grand (beings?) that rule over their forces of that particular rune.

I could be on to something, or this could be some ignorant bullshit :smiley:
Either way, theres my UPG of the Runes and my experience.

Do the work, Ascend.
More power to you! :v: :fist:


Than you for sharing. Interest stuff,


May I ask how the Rune of Wealth told you this? I’m only asking because that message is very slightly outside my experience with the Runes. I do agree, they are indeed a group of full-blown entities. I guess I’m saying that I would have expected that particular message from a different Rune


Its all good @Anastasiya. While in the Evocation, i was thinking that this was the Rune of Creation cause i glanced at the descriptions of the Runes before i started, not REALLY looking at it before hand. So my thoughts influenced the evocation lol. :joy:

I didnt know it was the Rune of Wealth tho :smiley: