My experience with Raphael

Hey everyone.
I decided to share my brief but very positive experience with archangel Raphael, also as a public way of saying thank you.
Since I first discovered this forum my mentalitie is opening more and more and I’ve to be incredibly thankful for this.
I’ve been struggling with weed addiction for the last 3 years. I’m mostly addicted to weed because it helps my imnsonias issues, but it got to a point that everytime I had a emotional challenge, I would run to it. I felt trapped in my own head, trying to stop it and it didn’t worked and I kept coming back to it. I know it’s not a harmful drug, but after a while it can give you a lot of negative vibes (social anxiety, afraid to speak in public, sometimes total isolation).
After a long research and deciding that I wanted this next year to start living a fresh new life, I decided it was time for me to stop. For some reason, Raphael name kept popping everywhere and I decided to call him.
I lighted a green candle, got my amethyst crystal and I called for his name. After the very first time I said it, I felt an enormous energy all around me. I was in pure peace and I heard something in my head saying : I’m here.
I requested his help to leave this addiction and asked him to purify my body, mind and soul so that I could finally feel free from this self created prison. From that moment I felt all my body in a bliss. I actually saw some green light sprinkles all over my body and I knew that something had happened during this time.
Since then my life made a huge twist. I almost don’t smoke at all during this times, it’s like my body doesn’t need it anymore. I didn’t cut it cold turkey because I feel my body is on the process of detoxing still, but I pretty much don’t smoke at all, I just need to feel one taste before sleeping and that’s being enough. Sudden friends and work opportunities started to pop up, making my social life a blast again. Pretty much all my next year will be traveling all around and all of this happens in the last 2 weeks.
Intensive and vivid dreams is also being a part of the process. I feel so protected and guided during this times.
As I’m writting this, a white pidgeon just flied on top of me… I feel is presence everywhere.
I feel my own power coming back and an energy renewal. I don’t see good and evil anymore as I used to, like my mind is really changing.
I think in the long run I will summon other entities than angels, but I feel Raphael is being a great, confident start for me in all senses. He empowers me to become my own master and to use my energetic habilities with no fear.
So here it is, my public thank you. To Raphael and also for everyone in this forum. It’s being a life changing experience to get all this knowledge. Thank you.


Raphael is great