My experience with meditation and vision with different entities

Hall of Caskets

This time King Paimon showed me another hall, which I called the Hall of Caskets. But first, we walked along a small stone corridor, in which a row of lamps hung on the ceiling (they somehow reminded me of the oriental style again).

Then we went down the stairs and found ourselves in a wide hall (also stone), at the end of which fog was curling. Near the right and left walls of the hall, on pedestals, at an equal distance from each other, there were caskets. These caskets were made of either dark wood or metal, but they looked quite massive. In general, there were about seven or eight pedestals and caskets in this room.

I do not know yet what this Hall means and what is in these caskets, but I will try to find out.


Huh weird I’ve seen something similar before almost exactly like what your describing.
I remember laying my hand on a casket and giving it some of my energy. An offering out of respect. They can be opened as well


Wow… It’s interesting and curious!

For some reason, I assumed that the caskets could contain memories or “stories” about something.

But it may be that the caskets have different contents or different objects. It would be interesting to know what is in them :thinking:


Hall of Caskets (part 2); Dream; Art project

So, I decided to check with King Paimon what is in these caskets. I found myself in this room again, next to one of the open caskets. Inside it was or floated a silvery mist, in which some images and fragments of texts flashed. Then, suddenly, I had a scroll in my hands, on which something was written (I could not make out the text). Then I asked what it was, I got a short answer: "knowledge”. It turns out that these caskets contain “knowledge”.

What type or kind of knowledge this is, I have not yet figured out. Below is a sketch of this Hall of Caskets.

Today I had a dream in which I found myself in some kind of tall building with many rooms and stairs. However, when I went up to the upper floors, I was met by a tall man (it seemed to me he was over 50 years old) about 3 meters tall, gray-haired and with a beard.

He said that if the “gatekeeper” (for the first time I was called that in a dream) wants to pass, then I must answer a few questions. He asked me these questions, but I remember that I did not answer them, but managed to distract the man’s attention and went to the upper floors. However, on the upper floors there were again empty rooms and I left this building.

This dream intrigued me precisely because this tall man called me a gatekeeper. But its specific meaning remains to be seen.

Also today I tried to find out from Lucifer why it was Abaddon who fought with Attakeria. Before drawing a portrait of Lucifer, I meditated enough on his sigil and at the same time decided to ask this question. The feeling came to me that this had to do with Abaddon’s function as a destroyer. That is, he had to destroy something.

So, for quite some time now I have felt some strange attraction to begin a deeper study of the world of King Paimon. Moreover, I want to convey the results of this study precisely through art, namely drawing and poetry. Yes, I already have some sketches, but they are sporadic.

Now I want to carry out, so to speak, serious work, which may take quite a long time, and create a whole series of sketches and portraits of places and creatures that I will meet in this world.

I have received preliminary consent from King Paimon, but I feel that this will require attention, diligence and dexterity from me. But it’s even better, because it will not only allow me to improve my drawing skills, get a new stimulus for inspiration, but also just discover something new.

I will try to accompany everything drawn with a poetic text that will express the essence of the area or entity that will be able to capture. I chose the poetic form because, in my opinion, it has long had the ability to express hidden meanings in different symbols. I have nothing against prose (since I write prose works), but I always prefer the poetic style.

P.S. Most likely, I will publish this series in an art journal, due to the fact that it will be a purely creative experience of cognition.


The veil

It seems that yesterday I have one of the most significant realizations for all the time that I spent studying the “episode” of my past life associated with the "battle”. So, on the one hand, it will be difficult to explain, because, apparently, you just need to feel something like that on your own.

So, regarding Abaddon and his role in this whole story. He was the one who had the ability to cut or destroy the “veil” of the Fiery World. What is meant by the “veil”? Something that separates the Fiery World from the “other” world (I have not yet found another definition, more precise).

But he didn’t. Because Attakeria literally “melted” Abaddon’s sword (I perceive all these images as symbolic, because, in my opinion, human consciousness is not able to “digest” how everything actually happened). Therefore, these images of battle, fall, etc. are only the most suitable pictures for human consciousness, faint reflections of the “spiritual” history of Attakeria.

However, as already mentioned, the “spirit child” is indeed associated with this battle. Because the last words of Abaddon Attakeria were: “If I / we have not come to the Fiery World, then the Fiery World will come to me / us.”

Today I saw this “connection” clearly. Unfortunately, I cannot describe this moment in detail, because it will affect the interests of the other party related to the child.

I also saw a pre-battle episode. When Attakeria and his “brothers” seemed to be watching from above everything that was happening. They had something like a “council” at which Attakeria decided himself, without their help, to go into “battle”.

I attach the image of all “four brothers” below (from right to left: Attakeria, Inkris, Attar or Astar, Ignaa’r).

It’s also one of my little “accomplishments” - I’ve never been able to draw and group so many characters before. But, what is interesting, when I drew them, there was a feeling of joy and happiness inside me (this happens when I draw Attackeria). This differs from, for example, when I draw others, for example, “subordinates” of King Paimon, and other spirits in general. In this case, I have focus and interest, but nothing else.


«The one that connect»

So, quite unexpectedly for myself, today I met a certain woman / girl (during meditation) who called herself as follows - I am the one who connect. As I understand it, it has something to do with fate or something like that.

I was in a space that looked like a large cave, dimly lit. In its depths there was something that looked like an altar. This woman / girl came up to me whispering some words and smeared something like blood or paint on my forehead.

She took me closer to the altar and I saw on the floor next to me a circle and symbols painted with the same blood or paint. Suddenly this vision was interrupted.

I am wondering who can it?

Below I attach an image of this girl / woman.


King Paimon’s little insights; Attakeria’s advice

The picture below is an example of the symbolic image that King Paimon showed me a few weeks earlier. But I understood the meaning of this image only yesterday, after talking with him.

So, the image that I saw two weeks ago was as follows: as if in some kind of soap bubble, I was suspended in the all-consuming darkness (but the image of this is slightly modified). There was nothing and no one around, but suddenly the figure of Attakeria appeared in front of me.

His figure was huge and luminous, which kind of reminded me of the movie “A Dark Song”, namely the guardian angel at the end of this film. But, I repeat, the meaning of this image was revealed only now, when I began to ask King Paimon about why Attakeria is “limited” and what his “awakening” means (such terms sometimes came across to me when working with Attakeria).

Thus, as King Paimon explained to me the large image of Attakeria is the visible embodiment of his “strength”, “abilities”, and my image is the human consciousness, which, no matter how it wants, can only see the “part” of this force.

To make it easier for me to understand, King Paimon showed a picture of a jug of water and a glass. If you pour too much water into the glass, it will spill out. In other words, water is the strength, abilities, etc. of Attakeria, which cannot manifest due to the limited consciousness and human abilities (only now I realized that King Paimon again used the image of water, which, in turn, is directly related to the essence of Attakeria). “Awakening” means at least partial mastery of these abilities (I do not think that it will ever be possible to achieve their full realization).

So, I think that with this example, King Paimon wanted to show me that if I want to understand myself and, in particular, to realize my soul / essence, I need to move “towards myself.” And this, in my opinion, should be concentrated inner work.

Indeed, as Astaroth mentioned earlier, I get the impression that I am floating “on the surface” or see the “tip of the iceberg”. Subconsciously, I feel the “depth” associated with Attakeria, but I have not yet been able to dive into these “ancient waters”.

I also, albeit a little, learned a little about the relationship between Attakeria and Astaroth. It turns out that their collaboration was associated with the work on the “highest fire”. What exactly was the work and what it was like, I did not know. The result of cooperation has already been clear from previous messages.

But I feel that I need to explore this line of relationships deeper in order to understand the results that I have today in my relationship with this spirit.

An interesting fact. When I asked Attakeria who Astaroth was before “leaving”, for some reason the word “Alamal” came to my mind. Having decided to find possible meanings of this word on the Internet, I found such a term as Alam al-Jabarut - the highest kingdom in Islamic cosmology. I do not know how this relates to the essence and history of Astaroth, but Attakeria advised not to focus too much on terminology and to consider them only as “starting points” when studying my questions.

Now, after being relatively clear about the “battle” erisode from my past life, I switched back to studying the Forgotten Temple.


Adrin do you mean Astaroth leaving heaven (you mentioned before he is a fallen angel)
Or you mean Attakeria leaving Astaroth?
Which of these you mean?

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I admit the possibility that he left a certain place, which can be conditionally designated as “heaven”. But I can definitely say that Astaroth “left” from somewhere (I want to deal with this in more detail). And this act made it impossible for him to communicate with Attakeria (or to be more precise, Attakeria stopped communicating with him).

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Attakeria and Astaroth relationship date back to before Astaroth’s leaving?
Possibility a long time ago
Something like classic fall of angels from heaven for example?

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Yes. As I wrote earlier, initially this was a form of cooperation or interaction (with the subsequent development of relations in a «certain» direction).

I do not presume to suggest a time period, I will only say that this is something very, very “ancient”.

Based on the logic of events, this, to some extent, can be compared with the story of the fallen angels. But I want to be careful here and not make definite conclusions (I will probably clarify this question a little later).

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Water and caves

Yesterday I tried again to work on the image of the Forgotten Temple with the help of King Paimon and Attakeria.

Initially, I tried to question Attakeria and I saw the woman (priestess?) with a raised steaming bowl again. Then I tried to clarify what Attakeria was telling her, and as far as I understood, it was a kind of instruction. Perhaps he was talking about how to prepare for some kind of ritual.

Then I turned to King Paimon for help. So, I saw a woman with a torch in her hands. She was wearing a cloak and a hood that hid her face. Together with her, I walked along the narrow cave passage, but noticed that from time to time some drawings appeared on the walls. With this woman, we went out into a wide cave space, where there was a stone platform surrounded by water. My guide disappeared, and I began to take a closer look at the platform, on the surface of which some signs were inscribed.

What can I say about all this?

I noticed that when researching past life and Attakeria, I always come across a number of specific images:

  • First is water. In various forms and images.

  • Secondly, stones and caves. I noticed the similarity of the underground platform, seen yesterday, with the platform, which is located in the desert, on which the signs of the Fiery World are also inscribed. It seems that Attakeria “arranges” the space around him in such a way that it is convenient for him to act and it is similar to the space that was “convenient” for him in the past.

  • Thirdly, women are “guides”. They lead me to a certain place and then disappear.

I wonder how these images are related?

I attach an image of a cave with a platform.


Hypothesis; Heart of water

So, it seems that the history of the “appearance” of Attakeria should be sought in Indo-European culture. I assumed different options (from Sumer to Ancient China), but as far as I understood King Paimon, this is still the Indo-European or even Proto-Indo-European direction.

Most likely, I will return to the original study of Vedic culture and Zoroastrianism, although I suppose that attaching Attakeria to them is not worth it. As he himself noted, it should not be closely identified with any spirit and deity existing in various religions. “Attakeria is Attakeria” - that’s how he noted (he identifies himself only as a fiery being or a being from the Fiery World).

In my opinion, Attakeria could “appear” in the period when the formation of Zoroastrianism and, in fact, the Vedas was taking place. Since I do not feel his close connection with the Indian pantheon (maybe there was something akin to interacting with deities, but nothing more). Rather, he is closer to Zoroastrianism, but what kind of connection could unite them is still unknown to me.

But why did Attakeria appear at all during this period? I don’t know, but I’ll try to find out. If the memories of this contact “appeared” in this life, it means that they carry something important.

I also decided to find out how Attakeria is connected with the water element. I saw, as if from the side, how Attakeria first touches his head with his palm, and then to the area of ​​the heart. At the same time, the words “I cognized the heart of water” appeared in my consciousness (here, most likely, the word “essence” is meant). Interestingly, Ignaa’r said something similar, but about fire.

P.S. So far I have no conclusions, but more and more questions. The hypothesis of the “appearance” of Attakeria in some period of the existence of the ancient Indo-European culture requires deep study, as, in fact, his knowledge.


About highest flame

So, apart from all the other work related to the past life of Attakeria I continue to investigate its manifestation in the form of a column of flame in desert.

I noticed that in addition to grass and fiery flowers, signs of the Fiery World appeared on the ground under them. They do not fade, but only shimmer with a blue tint. One gets the impression that they seem to “feed” the soil on which both grass and flowers grow.

In addition, a small stream flowed between the grasses. Where he came from - I do not know. But when I asked Attakeria why the space around him had changed so much, it occurred to me that the space around Attakeria had changed because it had to match his essence.

That is, everything that surrounds Attakeria: stone, herbs, water, flowers, bells - partly reflect its essence. And so that the space “harmonizes” with its internal structure, he gradually changes it.

But, probably, one of the important “achievements” in the field of research of Attakeria itself is the “feeling” of the highest flame.

I know the definitions that both King Paimon and Astaroth gave to this fire, but, in my opinion, they cannot compare with the experience of at least partial awareness or sensation of it.

It is something that uplifts, something that really is some kind of life force or driving force. And after his “feeling” one can feel some general uplift, increased tone, wonderful and light mood.

I began to feel this quite recently, when Attakeria seems to merge with the second column of white fiery light. I do not know where this second pillar of light is coming from and what it is (perhaps it comes from the Fiery World, which is my priority assumption). But, I see how this second pillar coming down from the sky. The word “flow” comes to my mind. Perhaps this is the best definition. A stream of pure fiery light, but there is more behind it.