My experience with meditation and vision with different entities

Thousands of bells and torii

I continue to work with King Paimon and try to interact most productively with him. Trying to feel his energy had a very strange effect. I heard ringing like a thousand bells - ringing and melodic. The calls came out of nowhere, but it was charming. I also smelled mountain grasses. However, my guess is that this is not related to King Paimon, but rather to Attakeria. Because earlier, while meditating on the sigil of Attakeria, I sometimes heard the ringing of one bell and the smell of herbs. However, in this case, this effect has increased significantly.

And I think I found out why sometimes during meditation Attakeria appears near the torii (The torii gate question).

I asked the question directly to Attakeria and got the following answer: “I travel between worlds and appear at the gate; The gate is the entrance; I appear at the gates and go through the gates, there are no obstacles for me, for I open and close them”.

I think this is all related to his functions as a gatekeeper, and perhaps the torii appear simply as a “reminder” of this.

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Meeting with Lucifer (again)

Once again I met Lucifer. But this time it was not a meeting in a cave space, but in some empty room, where there was a long table and two chairs. Lucifer sat at this table and invited me to sit at an empty chair. I want to point out that I felt a very strong and powerful energy coming from him, but it seemed that he was holding most of it. This time I managed to see him and was somewhat surprised, since in my mind he was supposed to look blonde, but I saw Lucifer with dark (but not black, it seems) hair and eyes. At first, he looked at me very attentively, even intently (as in the case of Satolas) and did not say anything. Then he began to speak, and his voice was quiet, calm and balanced. But I felt that his gaze, his energy seemed to rivet me to my place.

We again had a short conversation. I will not talk about its details, but one of its parts was devoted to the issue of the spiritual child.

He noted that the reason why it would be considered belonging to the infernal world is that it will have a perfect balance of its fiery and infernal parts. Well, in general, he will be “talented”. What exactly will be his talents, I did not specify.

In general, this conversation ended, but Lucifer said that he wants to return to this conversation a little later. I was not against it, because, perhaps, I can learn in some more detail something related to Asmodeus’s possible interest in the Fiery World and my memories from the spiritual life of Attakeria.


Silver bells and flute

I already mentioned that I got the impression that Attakeria is forming a space around him in the desert associated with King Paimon.

The attached image shows that water has appeared around the platform (which, most likely, indicates the connection of Attakeria with the water element). Bundles of small bells hung from ropes appeared on either side of the stone. From them comes a silvery melodic ringing, which has some kind of pacifying, relaxing and enchanting effect.

In the attached picture, you can see the changes that have occurred:

While meditating today, I saw Attakeria sitting on his strange “glass stone”. He seemed to be dozing or in some kind of meditative state. Bells tinkled around him. Suddenly, a procession of King Paimon with his musicians appeared nearby (sometimes I see him riding a camel through the desert, and musicians are playing around him). Having come a little closer to the “glass stone” they stopped, and the musicians stopped playing. They seemed to be listening to the chime of the bells. Attakeria woke up and also stared at the procession.

Suddenly, a musician separated from King Paimon’s procession. He approached the “glass stone” and I noticed that he was holding a musical instrument that looked like a flute. He handed Attakeria a musical instrument, as if intending to give or present it, but in return he wanted to receive one of the bells.
However, Attakeria shook his head and replied that “everything mine is with me.”

Subsequently, thinking what this might mean, I again saw this musician with the same flute in his hands. It seems this demon is responsible for the development of musical abilities and the offer to give / present the flute was associated with the offer of teaching music (someday I want to learn how to write music). I recognized his name - Abarax - and now I am working on his portrait and sigil.


White bird, Ignaar’s powers and Forgotten temple

I had an interesting vision related to the sigil of Attakeria. I saw King Paimon, who was near the black board and held in his hand a handful of golden sand. Suddenly he began to pour this sand onto the surface of the board and he began to fold into the sigil of Attakeria. When the “drawing” of the sigil was completed, King Paimon stared at the picture for a while. The sigil sparkled with a golden light for some time, and then, turning into a white bird, flew away.

It is very unusual and I have not yet figured out what this may be related to…

I haven’t mentioned Ignaa’r for a long time, but I did recognize some interesting points associated with him.

As Ignaa’r himself pointed out, he “specializes” in working with the essence of fire (“I know the flame” is his expression); cleansing and protection; access to other worlds, vision and connection with these worlds; teaching the alphabet of the Fiery World (but there is some specialization here, but I have not yet understood which one). Some of these “duties” are common to gatekeepers, but some are “specialized” for each of the four.

Working with Astaroth on internal questions, I touched on the topic of “past life” Attakeria. Suddenly, I saw again the temple that I sometimes saw earlier (and which I identify as a memory from a past life). Together with Astaroth I entered the temple and stopped in front of a dilapidated statue of some kind of creature. I felt the feeling of mystery and antiquity spilled around. The dilapidated statue itself looked imposing and, perhaps, a little intimidating because of its imposingness. Astaroth said “remember”, but I could not do anything, as my head suddenly began to hurt.

However, I learned a little from Astaroth about what I was doing as a gatekeeper. According to Astaroth, this was related to working with energies and their structuring. And apart from his duties as a gatekeeper, Attakeria was like a guide, which is very similar to the description he gave to Jastiv.


“Polite tea party”

To be honest, I can’t say that initially I had a good relationship with Asmodeus. After the beginning of the story with the spiritual child, I already had two rather aggressive encounters with him in a dream, and in general Attakeria did not want to communicate with him. But enough time has passed, and in order to find out the essence of this whole story, I nevertheless decided to talk to him.

So, meditating on Asmodeus’s sigil, I found myself (in the form of Attackeria) in a small room covered with green silk wallpaper. It contained a tea table and two chairs or armchairs with soft upholstery and carved arms, legs and back. On the tea table was a beautiful tea set, which consisted of two cups and a teapot (with brewed tea), decorated with colored ornaments. In general, the atmosphere was similar to the nobility that existed, perhaps, in Russia or England in the 19th century.

Asmodeus was sitting in one of the chairs and drinking tea. He also invited me to sit on an empty chair and gestured for me to have tea. I interpreted this as a gesture of peace or reconciliation.

However, I just sat down in a chair to discuss the issues of interest to me. As far as I understand, the question of “relations” with the Fiery World has been of interest to Asmodeus for a long time. Memories of Attakeria associated with the battle are connected with Asmodeus in part, but he advised “not to dwell on the past.”

As for the spiritual child, he replied that “he has no agreements with me” and will not decide anything about this with me. He noted that “I have no enemies here,” and if I doubt it, then his world / kingdom is open for study, and I can communicate with him or his son (if i want to make sure of it).

Well, for now I will not draw any conclusions, as I continue to study this issue.

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Seeing into eternity and “highest flame”

Astaroth’s words:

“Comes in secret. Who opens doors.
The light is with you and the light is in you.
The past and the future are meaningless
To the one who sees eternity…”

I did not publish these words of him related to Attakeria or a mysterious statue in an equally mysterious temple, because I did not understand their meaning. But now I seem to understand him.

Today I was again in this temple, trying to examine the statue as closely as possible. So, I saw the face of a young youth covered with dust and moss. However, despite the antiquity and damage, it looked beautiful: the eyes were wide open, the lips seemed to be smiling slightly. The arms of the statue were slightly extended and folded in the shape of a bowl. However, my attention was initially attracted by the eyes, because they did not look at you, but, it seemed, through you into eternity.

The hands in the shape of a bowl had to hold something (thinking about this, it dawned on me again) - there had to be a “higher flame” in the hands. All this - both the words of Astaroth and the statue - are deeply symbolic in my opinion, and, for sure, I do not understand the full depth of their meaning.

I do not know if the contemplation of the statue and the insights associated with it are connected with the current manifestation of Attakeria. Because today I was partly able to sense the “highest flame” that was flowing through the body of Attakeria.

I cannot convey these feelings to you (again). All this is too difficult to describe for now. I will only note that the manifestation of Attakeria was many times stronger and when this “higher flame” was felt around Attakeria, like rain, small lights fell in the form of symbols of the Fiery World.

Again, Astaroth’s words about the “guide” now acquire a new meaning for me…

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This is a drawing and sigil of a “musician” from King Paimon’s retinue. According to him, he can help with the development of inner harmony, a sense of rhythm; promotes craving for music; helps to more effectively master musical instruments and understand musical laws.

And he asked to note that he was doing it "For the glory of King Paimon”.

I received this information earlier, but did not fully paint his portrait and sigil. Today I was finally able to do it.

Moreover, for the sake of interest, I decided to ask Abarax about King Paimon, and he remarked that “King Paimon is great; he is the black sun of these lands".

I also decided to ask about Attakeria, to which he replied, like Astaroth and King Paimon, that he is "light and pure flame”. And although he knows the world of Attakeria, but “he has never been there and has no opportunity to get there”.


I must confess, I follow this for the artwork and usually skim the writing…

I think you do an amazing job with the artwork, and unfortunately the rest is kinda personal imop, so I don’t ever feel the need to fully understand the details lol.

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Thank you so much! Yes, I perfectly understand that this is only a personal experience (not a proven experience). Therefore, I always try to check everything myself in the future (for efficiency, effectiveness, usefulness, etc.). In addition, all the information received for me becomes an inexhaustible source of creativity (in painting or literature).


Oh I get that, I don’t write about a lot of topics, because they are completely personal in nature and I don’t really want outsiders weighing in lol.

But it’s pretty cool your confident enough to write about it anyways, and some of the early stuff did catch my attention as super interesting, but mostly I’m here for the amazing artwork lol. I couldn’t weigh in discussion wise, even if I wanted to because of the personal nature.

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I try to describe in as much detail as possible what I see and feel, because, on the one hand, it is amazing for me (I’ve always been very skeptical about many things (and still do), but some events do not fit into my “ideal logical world”), on the other, it allows me from time to time to reflect on myself, my life, well and also receive tips and hints from forum members (considering magic from a purely historical point of view, I was, to put it mildly, “surprised” when it took a certain part of my life).

In any case, I will see where this “yellow brick road” will lead and what results all this will bring me. This is an amazing and mysterious journey and I am always open to any opinions and impressions about it all. And, of course, I would like to thank you again for the evaluation of my drawings! For me it acts as a “stimulus” to tirelessly develop and improve in painting.


“One, who looks into eternity”

The forgotten temple that I visited with Astaroth and the mysterious statue near which I stood did not leave my thoughts. In my imagination, I constantly returned to this place.

Naturally, I decided to draw a statue, and that’s what is interesting, in the process of creating a picture, I again “felt” that antiquity that seemed to have permeated the space of the Forgotten temple. I also noticed the concentration enclosed by the statue’s appearance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that holds my attention so tenaciously.

In any case, I tried again, during meditation, to visit the temple, see this statue and try to “remember.” However, again I felt a headache (this is a bit weird, but I think I will resolve this issue soon).

On the positive side, I was able to see the interior of this building more clearly. It has an oblong shape (apparently a rectangle in the plan) and is heavily strewn with broken stones (possibly broken columns and statues). Around - moss, dust, cobwebs, dry leaves and vines. Light enters only from the entrance (opening without any gazebos or curtains). I did not see the windows.

In the image of the statue (I am attaching the drawing), I tried to display the level of destruction and desolation that hovers in the Forgotten temple (this is clearly shown by cracks, destruction and moss on the statue). This statue reminds me a bit of a mixture of kouros and indian statues.


Hall of Knowledge

So, I continue to study the Forgotten temple and the statue in it. This time, I decided to seek the help of King Paimon. I found myself in his Hall of knowledge again. He took me to a bowl of glowing water and said, “Relax.” When I felt relaxed, I returned to the Forgotten temple. But I seemed to be looking at everything from the outside.

The temple was as if not in desolation. The debris disappeared and torches burned on the walls. The statue was intact and a woman, whom I had seen before in my meditations, came up to it with a bowl in her hands. The phrase “sacred flame” suddenly flashed through my thoughts. This woman put the bowl in the hands of the statue and with that the vision disappeared.

Today I again tried to clarify the situation with the Forgotten Temple. This time I saw this woman again with a cup in her hands (this was my old vision, which I associate with the spiritual life of Attakeria). But it was so eerily clear, so close that I could see. it seemed like every wrinkle on her face. The woman was about 50 years old, her hands were slightly wrinkled, her head seemed to be covered with a hood. Her bowl seemed to be smoking coals with herbs, and she seemed to be listening for something (perhaps some words whispered, perhaps Attakeria). Then this vision disappeared.

I think I need to study all this even deeper.


Hall of knowledge (continued)

Once again, I tried to learn as much as possible about the Forgotten temple and its priestess (perhaps). This time I saw fragmentary pictures. Perhaps it was a preparation procedure before the ceremony. I saw a woman filling a wide bowl with water from a spring in the temple. As I understand it, she had to wash her hands and, possibly, her face with this water.

Then I saw how she put herbs in another bowl (I think I saw heated coals there). It seems to me that they should have had some kind of effect on her, possibly intoxicating and conducive to communication with the “other world”.

The last excerpt from these visions - a woman stands with her hands raised up (the bowl is on the platform) and, as it were, awaits an answer.

Then I got a headache again and I had to stop my research.

P.S. Certainly, it is quite time consuming to engage in such a “study” and there is some fear or doubt that everything will go "wrong”. This is very strongly felt inside and, possibly, is an additional “brake” in the research In any case, I will not leave this topic and, finally, I publish the image of this woman (priestess) from the Forgotten temple (I was impressed by the clear vision of her face and I could not help but draw it).


Archangel Michael and “breathing” at home (some notes)

I decided to talk again with Archangel Michael regarding the Fiery World. I noticed that during his presence my palm and feet begin to warm. But, most importantly, the feeling of bitterness, melancholy and isolation from “home” returns to me. Tears seem to come to my eyes (in the literal sense of the word). It is very unpleasant and hard to bear, and even after communication this feeling remains with me for some time (I described these feelings earlier, but today they were much more intense, because firstly - I tried to feel the energy of the Archangel Michael as “fully” as possible, and secondly - to finally understand these feelings).

Today I asked Archangel Michael why this is happening, to which he replied that I feel “the breath of the house” when he comes to me. But this is not connected with the fact that Attakeria belongs to the angelic world, but with the fact that the archangel Michael communicates with the Fiery World. He noted that the angelic world or angels have a good connection with this world, and he knows the “brothers” of Attakeria.

I asked him how I can remember what is connected with the spiritual life of Attakeria, to which the Archangel Michael replied that “everything is inside me” and these “memories have not disappeared from my memory and I can remember them”.

Even when communicating with him, such a term sounded as “keepers of the house of fire”, which I will correlate with the concept of the highest fire and its focus in the Fiery World.

And finally, a little insight. I do not know who was the reason for this - the Archangel Michael or Attakeria himself - but the thought arose in my head that Attakeria was already born from the fiery light as the gatekeeper, i.e. this title or position is associated with him from “birth”.

P.S. Increasingly, the sigil of Ariel and his name appear in my mind. Perhaps I should work with him/her more actively, especially since I have found very interesting information about him/her, which may be directly related to the Fiery World.


Lake of Silence and Astaroth

“I loved you once: perhaps that love has yet
To die down thoroughly within my soul…”
A.S. Pushkin

Perhaps this quote can characterize the relationship between Attakeria and Astaroth. And I say this for the reason that I seem to have learned a little more about their relationship while Attakeria was in the spirit world. But this became known to me thanks to King Paimon, since Astaroth does not really want to talk about relationships before “human life”.

But these sudden details were not opened at the Hall of Knowledge, and a new location, which I called the Lake of Silence. Several times King Paimon took me to a cave in which a lake glowed with a blue or dark blue sheen (apparently, the water in the bowl in the Hall of Knowledge is filled with water from this lake).

In the cave itself there was complete silence, not even the slightest splash of waves was heard. Several times we just watched this lake, but yesterday King Paimon said to go into the water and literally lie on it. I did as he said and seemed to “fall” into the Attakeria’s memories.

Before my eyes, as in the case of the Forgotten temple, fragments of memory quickly flashed like stills from a film. However, these were not faceless images, they were filled with emotions.

But it’s rather strange to feel those emotions that’s seem to be yours and not yours at the same time. You seem to feel that it is yours, but it is very far away, behind some kind of foggy curtain. And you cannot overcome this veil, but you can see only small glimpses of that ancient, I would said, very ancient memory.

I will not even guess when the relationship between these two spirits began. But I felt and saw (albeit vaguely) their rise (I would describe them as “platonic”) and fall (practically I felt the sadness of Attackeria). But, as far as I understand, Attakeria (as King Paimon previously noted) was the initiator of the “break in relations”(and this happened due to his other obligations and principles). But now, apart from his words, I could see it in "memory”.

But the question is, why then Astaroth reappeared in my life? Well, as I wrote earlier, there was a kind of oath between Attakeria and Astaroth, and secondly, if honestly, a tiny flame of sympathy for him is smoldering in the heart of Attakeria.

And, to be honest, it is unlikely that Attakeria will ever be able to fall in love so much and sincerely. As far as I understand, he may feel sympathy, cordiality and other similar feelings, but, apparently, the concept of “hard skin” in a love relationship really suits him perfectly. Maybe I am mistaken in my assumptions, but I feel some kind of internal “moral imperative” that does not allow Attakeria to get too close to other entities (not counting creatures from his world, and possibly angelic beings). There is still some kind of inner alertness in him.

P.S. Nothing is done in vain. And all these fragments of “memories” (and the Forgotten temple, and “battle” and even “relationship”) play a special role in today’s life. The main thing is to understand their meaning, to reach the reason that gave rise to them. But these answers will come only after a further journey into the history of Attakeria’s life.

I also add the image of Astaroth, which I saw in these “memories”. He, of course, differs from the image that I painted earlier, but I tried to convey what I saw in these “visions”.


Fiery appeasement

I have not mentioned the meditation on the sigil of Attakeria for a long time. So, I noticed that the manifestation of Attakeria became “more intense” in the sense that now more signs of the Fiery World appeared on his hands and face, and inside his form, in the form of a column of flame, an “additional column” of white light. I associate this “additional” column of flame or light with a highest fire and sometimes I seem to “feel” its energy.

A few days ago, this sensation intensified so much that surprising peace suddenly came with it. Along with this came the desire to resume the practice of Buddhist mantras (in particular, the 100-syllable Vajrasattva and Avalokiteshvara). I don’t know how the feeling of “higher” fire could contribute to this, but I feel some kind of inner need for it.

Perhaps the active study of Attakeria’s past life, a little internal exhausted me and I need a period of comprehension of the information received and recovery.

In the picture attached to the post, I tried to combine the manifestation of Attakeria in the form of a column of flame and the manifestation of his sigil in the form of a bird.

An interesting point: in one of my dreams Attakeria turned into this bird, so now I seem to have learned about another of his forms (white and big bird).

P.S. The lowest of these three pictures involuntarily brings to mind a line from my poem: "There is a sign, from the fire, I will appear to you in power”. However, it was written a very, very long time ago. But it seems then, in my work, I embodied some moments associated with the Fiery World and Attakeria (but this was unconscious).