My experience with meditation and vision with different entities

Temple of power

This post will be devoted to Attakeria, or rather to the place where he appears in the form of a dragon when I meditate on his sigil and repeat “Ignis Draco”. So, earlier, when I meditated in this way, his eyes appeared in absolute darkness, and then the image itself. Now the darkness seems to have dissipated and Ignis draco appears in a temple, where three columns are located on the right and left sides. I named it the Temple of Power, since the signs of the Fiery World are carved on its columns. But today, during meditation, the realization came to me that the entire alphabet of this world is carved on these columns.
I also wonder if the columns of this Temple have symbolism? The number 6 is associated with higher beings (as well as with creation, versatility, harmony, etc.), does it have a similar meaning in this case?

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Fiery World: Q and A with Attakeria

So, the conversation in the topic dedicated to the demon Astaroth prompted me to study the essence of the Fiery World. And I decided to ask directly my higher self - Attakeria.

What is the “higher flame”?

  • What was, is and will be. This flame is life. Fiery World the source of this flame.

What characteristics can you give to the Fiery World?

  • This is light, this is goodness, this is purity. Sparkling and shimmering with pure colors, calmness and serenity, harmony and peace.

Who are the fiery beings?

  • We are the ones who are born into the light.

Can people communicate with fiery beings?

  • Not with everyone.

Are you communicating with the human world?

  • Rarely.


  • We are not closed, but we do not have a special need to show ourselves.

Will you answer those who want to communicate with you?

  • Yes.

Do you have a hierarchy?

  • We have harmony and interaction, and a clear understanding of where everyone should be.

Do you have a king / emperor?

  • No (in your understanding of the word).

What do you value the most?

  • Goodness.

More, unfortunately, I could not continue asking about the Fiery World. Fatigue appeared inside. But, in any case, this was my first experience of full-fledged communication with Attakeria. Prior to that, I received fragmentary information on single questions. Although in this case, too, much requires clarification for me.


Astaroth and proofs about the Fiery World (Part I)

So, I tried to learn information about the Fiery World from Astaroth (to confirm the words of Attakeria with his help). I also asked him similar questions about the Fiery World, to which he gave answers:

«The highest fire is, first of all, a creative force, it creates life. It is higher than any other fire. Fiery beings are creatures of light, fully endowed with the highest flame. It is an integral part of these creatures» (direct speech of Astaroth).

But I wanted more proof, so I asked Astarot to help me with the search. The help of Astaroth again led me to one of the texts of the followers of Agni Yoga:

“In addition, there are much more subtle and important types of fire, which have a subtle nature …” (Astaroth also spoke about the types of fire);

“The Fiery World consists primarily of Matter Lucida, the subtlest light matter, which passes into an even more subtle state, that is, into primary Matter” (here it is possible to refer to the words of Attakeria, and to the words of Astaroth, again, about the highest fire and its properties);

“He is the World of Light without a shadow, the power of the Light reigning there everywhere is so great that a shadow simply cannot form. The entities dwelling there are themselves with a tremendous luminous power” (I think that this is very similar to Astaroth’s words about the possession of the “highest fire” by fiery beings and the description of this world by Attakeria);

“The Fiery World is the highest form of manifestation of the highest potentials of the Fiery Primary Element” (reminds me very much of the “higest flame” that was mentioned by King Paimon, Attakeria, and Astaroth);

“The Matter of this Plan, like the bodies of their inhabitants, consists mainly of Matter Lucida - luminous Matter with different vibration frequencies. Therefore, the Fiery World is a self-luminous world in which everything shines. It is distinguished by its beauty and magnificent tints of Light of the most varied colors” (“Sparkling and shimmering with pure colors“ - Attackeria’s words. “Eternal flame, iridescent in different colors, above and below. There is no time and space, there is lightness, airiness, purity, endlessness of light” - King Paimon’s words. It seems to me that this will somewhat help explain essense of the fire beings, which we discussed with @ChrisK and @Velenos; and it also reminded me of the words of Morpheus that fiery creatures are “born in the light”).

In this text also mentions the creative power of fire through which “birth, movement and transformation” occurs (both Attakeria and Astaroth mentioned the vital force of this “higest flame”);

So, I asked Astaroth for additional evidence beyond his words, and I got it. Of course, I will continue my research further, despite the possible similarity of the words of Astaroth, King Paimon, Attakeria and this text. I need more clarity and evidence.


There is a lot of meaning and truth behind these words. Awesome!!!

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Thank you! As far as I understand, in the infernal world they know about the Fiery World (and not only, for example, King Paimon or Astaroth, who talked about this world). In any case, Astaroth said that “We know” (meaning the inhabitants of the infernal world).

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Infernal Empire does tend to dip their toes into various other groups, being a small empire within one of the various underworlds they did lean on various groups for aid over time. So not impossible.

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In this case, the question arises, how well can they know the Fiery World? They can have both general ideas and facts about him and know more specific things (information from King Paimon and Astaroth, I can classify as general information).