My experience with Lucifuge Rofocale

Hello, good morning everyone, before I tell you specifically about Lucifuge, I want to tell you how I got to him.

First of all, I can tell you that although I have only been on this path for a few years, and it is still hard for me to see or listen to them, somehow I believe that I do have an answer from the spirits.

First I tell you that I have always been attracted by the energy of the great Lilith, by the great Hecate, and the Great Lucifer, with the passage of time and knowing a little more in books, forums, one day she came to the Arts Goetia and As I read it, I began to feel like working with many of them, among which the first to call my attention were Duke Marbas, Sitri, Bael, among others, I mention again that I perform my rituals and I do not see or hear them .

But this has not taken away the desire to continue, I can say that I have found myself in very difficult emotional situations and the moment I have performed the rituals seeking divine help in some way it has worked for me, they have given me an answer, I have seen that the more feeling the desire has the easier it is to make it come true.

Well, in order not to take too long, one day I decided to do a ritual in the company of my husband and when I was in what I call a trance or very very relaxed I lit a cinnamon stick that I had there with me as an offering, because when I observed the stick of burning cinnamon I began to observe many things among them I began to see and feel that they were showing me the essence of a being, and I don’t know how but I felt that it was Lucifuge, so it shows me that it has many faces, which depends on nature or essence of the individual is as it is presented to us, I could see what it can be from a Man with a presence, handsome, pleasant and paternal, he can also show a perverse, lustful, perverted, deceptive, even malicious side.

The point of showing me this was that in reality he is like many others and shows us according to who we really are.

I also felt and observed that they are beings that we can love, that they are beings that also have the desire to be considered, respected, valued, admired, at that moment I felt that I can love him very much.

Also another point is that I would tell them about him, I would let them know what he has made me feel inside me, but after that night I did not feel again, on the contrary I insisted on working with Lilith, Hecate, Lucifer, among others.

And well, I had not commented anything because, since I still do not have my senses awake, I doubted what I saw or felt, that it was only the manifestation of my imagination, of the desire so great that I have to have contact with the spirits.

And I’ll be frank at this point I began to show more interest in lucifuge, partly because of what I think I saw or felt in the ritual and because of a great desire for economic improvement, among other things.

Then time passes and I ask Lilith, Hecate and Lucifer for help again, and one day when I was trying to meditate I ask myself the question, with whom should I work first when I consciously managed to go out to the astral? And I hoped that my response or inclination It was for any of the 3 spirits I mentioned, and what was my surprise that the name Lucifuge Rofocale was immediately in my mind, then more days go by and I begin to realize that during the days something or another leads me to think of Him, or something I read, see, or hear about Lucifuge.

I go through a kind of energetic changes that are quite strong to the point of causing me many problems with my partner, and as I already feel better last Wednesday I make the decision to change certain things in my life, and I will not say that my life was solved, but I I feel that I am on the right track, and that they believe because I feel, I know that it is thanks to Lucifuge, I know.

Well on Monday of this current week, when I went to my bed I wanted to look for something about Lucifuge and the first video that appeared to me was the Lucifuge hierarchy, my surprise was to see that Marbas, Bael and Agares are under his command, weeks ago In my kitchen while I was under the influence of a sacred plant, I said to my husband “hey who is a man with a beard, well dressed, a crocodile, an eagle or Alcón, and he tells me Agares”, and I left it like that, no I have performed ritual with Agares, but with Marbas, Bael, and Lucifuge yes.

I do not know what you think but I feel that it is called, confirmation that although I do not speak to them from the common sense in which one can speak to a person, or cannot see them, I feel that it is a way of telling me that they really do they guide, they listen to me, they are helping me.

Today, for example, Thursday 08/06/2020, I woke up to go through my daily routine, and as I sat on the couch, I looked up Lucifuge and I remembered that I told him that I would share my experience with you, and here I am.

Excuse me if I made the story too long, but I wanted to convey the idea of ​​why the things I’ve been through make sense to me.

I apologize my language is Spanish and it was helped by a translator, but I did not want this to be a reason not to share my experience.