My experience with Love spells

So I just wanted to share my overall experience after practicing love spells for about a year and why I regret going overboard with it, and also how King Paimon randomly came to my aid when I was confronted with scary obsessiveness from my target.

So I’m a guy, I unapologetically go both ways without slapping a label on it. (Even though I’ve never actually done anything with another guy I’ve still gotten curious about swaying a man deemed as “straight” with love magick) I set my sights on my cousins ex boyfriend, we were already friends but I thought he’d be a perfect candidate.
I stared with mind control seduction meditation. Which is probably one of the most effective when it comes to getting the ball rolling for your love target. The techniques I’ve learned are available for free on YouTube by Armargi Hillier. The video audio is 3 hours long.
The effects happened almost immediately, and they happened exactly the way I pictured it. He started texting me non stop. He would start touching me more, start talking to me in a flirty tone, and noticing me in a whole new beauty.
To seal the deal on making him fall into pure love and lust with me I did an obsession jar, which was probably one of the most powerful spells I’ve ever done ever. I’ve done a couple of obsession jars on a few other targets and it’s amazing how effective they are, thinking about making a video on how I do it.
So he invited me to go stay with him at his house, mind you he lives 3-4 hours away from me, and I agreed.
This may have been a huge mistake on my part. Being so far away from home, I felt like I didn’t have part of my control over this situation but I let that slide.
He then convinced me to take acid with him, which was the kicker of this.
(I’ve heard people advise against the use of psychadelics and magick but I’ve found time and time again that the two go hand and hand. And though I’ve taken this drug with groups of people, I’ve always gotten deeper than anyone I’ve done it with, it just unlocks this universal truth Inside my head) but for this situation I felt like doing the drug would rob me of he rest of my control over this situation.
I did a big dose of LSD. The sexual tension between us was through the fucking roof. it was almost too much to handle. The drug itself was overwhelming, I had taken too much of it and I was locked in my head. I ran to the bathroom, because I was stared to tremble, become emotional, and filled I with immediate regret.
I then felt a presence near me. It felt so fucking real. I heard a loud voice in the back of my head, it literally felt like someone was in my head speaking to me through a speaker, I then realized this voice was King Paimon.
King Paimon came to me, and was basically like “ really kid? Now look what you’ve done. You’ve made this boy obsessed with you, and now you have to deal with the consequences. “ he reminded me What I truly love and yearn for, that is success and a better life. He knows that I was actively using magick before to achieve my career of being a successful actor and model, and that I was only doing love spells to distract myself from my career process because I’m so damn impatient.
I was so beyond stunned by this, I wasn’t expecting this AT ALL, never even considered that that’s why I was even doing this but it made way too kcub sense. I just love it when King Paimon makes me become “real” with myself, and making me confront my actions. literally felt like i was going to puke after. All I heard was King Paimons voice, my male crush/target noticed I was no longer acting right and started to get angry with me.
This is where things started to take a turn.
My target kept trying to comfort me, cuddle me and caress me but I was so sick from what King Paimon told me I couldn’t even get into it so he flipped out. I can’t even remember word for word what my target was saying but it was starting to scare me. He then went into the kitchen and pulled out these sharp home made weapons he kept hidden and was stabbing shit and the mood started getting darker and more sinister. I was so scared, scared because I didn’t tell anyone I was traveling 4 hours away with him, scared to sleep there, overall I reverted back to being a baby and just wanted to go home.
Luckily I rode out the wave, and I was ok but I could easily see how this whole situation could of turned bad VERY quick.

Since all this I’ve been super careful with love magick. Every time I see someone post something like “ I really want so and so to be obsessed with me” I shake my head because I feel like most people are unaware of how serious this shit is. I saw how I could of lost my life over this, amongst the millions of other shit that was going through my mind.
I’m leaving out some details so I don’t end up writing a whole essay, I just wanted to share my experience, especially being a male, doing this for the first time on another man.
I’m always just amazed by how limitless and endless the possibilities of magick are. If anyone has any questions just ask or leave me a private message.


He stabbed himself?

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No he was stabbing stuff like his chairs, he had cardboard strips he was slicing up for no reason, he had a home made spear with a knife at the end he was swinging around. The overall vibe just shifted and became dark, his expressions and energy become unfamiliar so quick. Smh

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I’m focusing on different forms of magick to help improve my life now. Pushing intense feelings on someone is risky as hell. he has skeletons in his closet that I did not feel like opening up

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Thanks, I manifested this earlier. God I love getting information out of this forum with manifestation.

Obsession sounds like a bad idea in my opinion. I’m more about healthy relationships that have deep passion. I’ll be using your techniques in a better way.

Matthew, I’m a new member on this forum. Could you please private message me?

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I agree with you there, I’m so happy I joined this forum.
That’s ultimately what I found while going through my love spell as well. Healthier relationships that the universe aids you in is way more natural and better for you. Love spells are great to get that ball going or to get a crush to notice you. Some people don’t realize that obsessiveness can lead to invasiveness and violation.
And absolutely, throw me a PM any time

Hey Matthew, can you please PM me or if you want just share here how did you do your obsession jar spell? I’m curious how did you do it and what did you put in there. Thanks
I’m a new member and I’m not sure how to send PMs or if I can send for now, so I would be happy if you message me, either here or in private. Thanks.

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No problem ! I will be working on making a video of my process.


can you share the youtube link for that channel ?
Also, what jar spells have u done? if u have a description on how to do them plz share them.

I need it , thanks

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I don’t be have a channel (yet) but tomorrow I have off from work so I will make the video ether tonight or tomorrow !
I’ll go into depth with it and how I utilize my intent, visualization, and ingredients.
I’ll post the video on this thread for everyone to see !!
Thank you for reading my experience with all this.


I am upset that I have a posting limit.

@Matthew Can you pm me? I do not have the ability to pm people, as I am new to the forum.
also, when they asked for the audio they didn’t mean your YouTube channel, they meant the 3 hour long audio of the book.

@Fallen_Human You can find it if you type in “Mind power seduction PDF” into Google. It’s about 61 pages long.

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thank you