My experience with lilith

Hello all. I’m creating a post about my evocation with lilith. I’ll start of saying this was intense. Something happened as well that has never happened to me during evocations.

So I called here and asked her to talk. She kept saying no through my dice divination. I could feel my shirt, shorts and hair move as if someone was playing with it. I figured she was testing me seeing as I was a bit afraid to evoke her. I could hear creaking as if someone was behind me. I also felt the pressure change. There was also a ringing vibration that I’ve never heard.

I knew I was safe and continued. I spoke calmly and talked outloud from the heart. Due to past experiences with girls I tend to stay away or say things so they can’t get close to me. I apologized for these things. I closed my eyes and I saw this blue shape like a square through the darkness and the area around my third eye started to feel like someone was pressing on it hard. Suddenly my head started to feel the same as the vibration in the room with a lot of pressure. I did my dice divination asking once again for help. She said yes.

As my part of the deal which was to help me see and hear spirits better, she told me to summon her. She also told me to meditate on her sigil (she was very adamant on this.) I wished her thanks and soon let her know I was done.

This was a great experience. I didn’t give her a time limit on my request so I will just say don’t be afraid and just contact her. She’s a nice entity. Put your experiences down below. Also let me know what you thought of mine. Why did I see that blue or purple shape? What do you think?


Day two of meditation of her sigil as instructed. I’m starting to hear answers to my questions. Ill ask simple questions like “can you hear me?” To which I hear things such as “indeed” or “mhm!” Which I never reply with so i doubt its just my mind. Its so faint that it sounds like they are in my head. But I know its lilith helping me. My head feels like a lot of pressure around my eyes and forehead. I used a theta 7 binaural today.

I lit a candle and played the beat outloud not in headphone. I got into such a trance that I started not seeing my own arms which were laid out on the table I front of me. To prop my self up. It was such a unique feeling. I’m out of energy and tired. Ima go eat to ground myself. I suggest everyone try this method of meditation if possible.


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I feel the same pressure. All time with me, tingling and pumping.

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