My experience with Lilith thus far and personal growth

Throughout my entire experience with Lilith it’s been lessons and acceptance by her. I honestly feel very loved and cared for by her presence in my life. Not smothered but nurtured in a motherly sense. She can be sexual at times but sometimes I fight those feelings in case it’s just me. I wouldn’t want to offend her or show her any disrespect at all and yet I get the feeling that she doesn’t mind at all. She’d rather I explore such feelings for her and not feel shame or embarrassment at all. Lilith always surprises, somehow she gives me hope in dark times through strange ways. Honestly there’s been a huge focus on healing myself and letting go of the things haunting me from my passed, regret, fear, anger and anxiety. In there place wants to be peace, happiness, self acceptance, discipline and a general want for goals leading to a better healthier future. Lilith is way more than I realized the more I go down this path and I humbly thank her for all the work she’s put into putting me towards a better path, thank you sincerely. I still have doubts sometimes about whether I’ve actually contacted the real Lilith but the less I delve into that abyss, the less I makes sense from an honestly and clear perspective. Anyways, sorry if this post sounds messy, I just had to get it down before I forgot or became lazy again. Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach.


Deities and Demonics come to us in the ways and forms we need them so that they can best work with us. Your experience with Lillith is going to be unique to you. Don’t discount it. She has given you so much time and love. Never dishonour that. Seek to move forward in your workings with her.


That’s actually something she told me, “look forward not back” but thank you. Yeah, I’m slowly making my way forward, crawling if I have to, lol.