My Experience with JINN

I used Baal kadmon s book about the jinn.
Well it was a success my gf felt that there is something in the stones.
I used one for protection and one for psychic powers.
It happened that a dog bit me and I had a huge rash over my body then after I was angry a rash would appear again Never before has a dog bitten me a huge coincindence I know that jinn are asociated with dogs and I was certain it was a jinn. Why the fk do I always have sh-it experiences. Released the Jinn after that.

Did someone else try that book?


this was before 2-3months

I had no idea that the jinn can be used for protection, i thaught they are thirsty and hungry for targets or victims. Jinn are best to take down enemies, drain and slay them. Anyway jinns are really for very experienced black magicians.


You get those because you’re not experienced enough and prefer to work as if you’re practicing magick for 20 yeas ! First you start with financial magick, then cursing enemies and you add some Jinn to the mix. The only thing left is some TNT.

You need to study and practice until you know exactly what you’re doing, and how to fix anything when shit happens.

Start with candle magick or sigil opening as EA explained it. Safe and effective. Until you study and practice more complicated work.

Good luck :+1:


Honestly i also, never heard that jinns are used for protection :sweat_smile:


well its in the book :thinking: