My Experience With Baphomet

So after meeting with Baphomet in a trance I decided to work with him as quickly as possible. I had the intention of working with him before the trance though. I encountered the trance while looking at his pictures and sigils.
I shaved in a way that will cut me and then I used a piece of paper to clean the blood. In the night i set an altar for him. I drew his sigil with chalk on the altar. I placed a black candle on the altar and lit it. I placed something that will generate smoke. I then called on him until i saw a demon trying to manifest in the smoke. I put the paper with the blood on the mouth side. I then told him what i want him to help me do. To kill a girl. Then i closed the ritual. Anyway that’s it so far.

How long do you think it will take a demon to kill someone who has spiritual protection. And i guess if she doesn’t die on time i will call for support. I hope i get assistance from you all. I have two girls on Death’s list this year.


This strictly depends on how much will you had placed in the ritual, to want that girl to die. You know those old Disney movies ? tells something like this “Magic is very simple… All you have to do is want something, and then let yourself have it!”


Okay thanks.

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