My experience which brought me here, seeking opinions

Throughout the years ive done my research and have decided working with demoms is something I wish to do, for my own gain but also out of pure curiousity. Ive moved into a mew house recentlt which is a pefect spot in the woods to do these, but I wasnt being drawn to any certain demon. I wrote a letter to the horned god for help finding a demon to work with, should I be deserving and worthy of this path of work. I meditated on it ,burned the letter and went to bed. I felt like I was being observed.
I dreamt i was standing, seeing my shadow. Something so tall and large enveleoped my shadow ans the ground around me.

BELIAL I heard, which actually woke me in a half drunk phase, to which I think I answered sleepily
“Oh really?..I was thinkin…Bune…Ill look him up though”
Which I hope was taken as silly as it sounds typing it and not disrespectful.
I do wish to do this the correct way and have been browsing here for about a week before finally making an account and this post.
Whats was your first ritual like? What do you wish you would have knwm before? What are your thoughts ect. Please be kind as I am trying to get everything right.
All my ducks in a row before I shoot.


first i would l like to welcome you im sure others will be along to who will point you to the likes of forum rules and beginners guides.

this link is a hot topic at the minute might be worth while reading

off the back of that it would be interesting to know how you wish to self gain and what you really want.

then things will be more clear to the path and rituals you might want to expoler


I was actually just reading that same post as you answered.
To gain…money, stability financially, help with astral projection or lucid dreaming. Trivial things that mostly revolve around wealth. Not enormous amounts, i do not expect to win the lottery. To have bills paid on time, to keep my car working, ect.
But also curiousity and a desire to experience these things. And experience these beings and all their power. To trust myself and them to manifest the reality I wish for.

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Welcome to the forum.


first of i would ask why you said not enormous amounts…as i would never put limits for they can often add as a block to any work you may do.

i think Bune if you looking money is the one you should seek out…

and sorry for late reply others things in life took over

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Thats a great question. I think its because do not want to be greedy , and thats a great point, thank you.
Do not be sorry, life is more important. I was drawn to bune at first.
Does menstrual blood make an appropriate offering? I have used it before with good effects, but not in this way. but would the act of drawing blood for them be preffered since I am commiting the act of taking something from myself through a sacrifice of the pain of drawing blood? I hope this makes sense. I do not want to give them bodily “waste”
I may not think of it that way but I cannot speak for them.
Thank you.

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offerings can come in all shapes and sizes. some people say yes and it has many benefits its not always the case with bune its lavish offerings honey is a good thing to offer for instance

well my advice is have the mindset to be greedy but yet be detailed as in for instance i need 400 because i need to pay rent

100$ aa a tip from a very insistent client of my tarot business which has never happened before. I almoat told her no, but she said it was as a gift. I remembered my ritual and thanked her (and Bune afterwards) kindly
But something strange happened
I was following a short guided meditation, alone in my home flat on my bed. I can only describe this as a vision,
But i saw two people kneeling beside me, a woman with dark hair and eyes, kneeling on my left side, and on my right was a white man with salt and pepper hair, looking at me intensely. They both looked to be supporting me with their hands underneath of me. I came back as fast as it happened
It was a good meditation afterwards.
Thank you Bune for your help, so much.


This is what you just reminded me of. Had to share don’t know why LOL


I adore you.
Thank you.