My Experience so far

My name is Max and I have had a strong connection to the devine since I was a child being an only child tends to bring that out of people somwtimes or I was predestined to be this way I’m still working out that part right now. I would create expansive mind worlds in sleep and it my waking life I would create massive fantasy worlds in my mind . I had a deep connection to the mystic (from what I gather now) I just saw it as imagination I would talk to my thoughts and they would talk back. I also noticed that I have a lack of fear I had gained fear in my middle school ages to high school . but I had a friend poke at my third eye a few times and it came rushing back to me all of it ! I have been sifting through memories and all of this lead me here for a reason. Maybe its to be a light in darkness that is what I have been called and I and apparently others associate me with the color blue which I found absolutely fascinating ! Now this is starting to sound like rambles if you read this have a blessed day and find ways to love your self every day bring light any chance you get because a small flame can scare away any darkness. Love and be loved by self
Truely yours Max