My experience in the magic world

Hi all, I write this post to tell my experience in the world of magic and situations that have led me to consider quitting. It is worth mentioning that I say this not as a way of saying that there is no magic but there are people like me who do not have the skill or luck that magic us the results we want.

I begin by saying that reach the magic happen, I started reading “The new power avatar” not getting results but if learning a lot about meditation, followed by magic “satanic” on page Joy of Satan to later find this site and learn more and more of each post that you kindly put on this site.

Well, I have a goal which decided to learn magic apart from my curiosity about the same and that is love. so thats it i fall in love with a girl, made me happy but errors both voluntary and involuntary, going through a depressive disorder which I was unaware, not the relationship she and instead did she got a couple things that made me feel sad . Your partner treats her well, but there is always a but, he is unfaithful … she suspects it but has never had proof.

What I have tried throughout these last four years is that the couple is separated but not get it to work, I have done as spell, spell or ritual I found online. Blood rituals, I have made

I have also done work to get a job but are not durable, I get fired soon for absurd reasons or simply just tell me thank you.

What frustrates me my friends is not the fact of failure, I understand faults learn, but what depresses me … I always have the hope of every spell, spell or ritual will work and will have to end victory but seeing my reality everything falls to the ground like a house of cards.

I have made tarot readings and they told me that I will have the victory … someday. many friends on this site have helped me, which thank them forever, but it has not worked. Would I be wrong? Could it be that what I desire can not be fulfilled? but hey, this day I have given up.

I appreciate that they have read these words and people who have taught me and supported will always have my gratitude.

Have an excellent week. :slight_smile:

Damn, dude, that’s sad to read… have you ver got a real mentor, a pact with a sprit?

I was just saying in a PM that the vending-machine approach to spirits seldom works, and while you’ve gone way beynd that in commitment, and time and effort, I do believe that having a spirit mentor is the key, it was the iniatory acts common to most ancient magicko-religious paths, you found your god or another paron spirit and you stuck with them, at least for a while.

Maybe this is unhelpful, but it’s something I didn’t see in your post, so… good luck, and may you thrive wherever life takes you. :slight_smile: