My evocation of zozo

I attempted to evoke zozo by name since i dont know his sigil. His energy was quick to manifest. Does anyone else have experiences with him. All i can say is his energy was instant. When manifesting


I’ve heard a little bit about zozo. From what I’ve heard, a lot of people have came in contact with him through the ouija board.

I saw an episode about him on Ghost Adventures. Well, knowing tv and all, I don’t know if it was true, but basically, he got sexual with a female. If I remember correctly, they thought he tried to possess others, but like I said, it’s on tv, so might not have actually happened.


I have zozo sigil


my only experience with him is sharing the name (my name’s zoe but my friends and family have called me zozo plenty of times throughout my life), probably not as significant to anyone else but it’s been weirding me out since i found out who he is :thinking:


The only experience I had was about 3 or 4 years ago and his name was on my mind constantly. I said his name a few times when I was alone in the house and on the night when I was asleep, I randomly woke up and said “Zozo?” And I looked over my shoulder and saw a tall dark entity looking down at me and when I looked, I saw it move a step back and I fell back to sleep. It didn’t scare me or anything but what I saw might have not been Zozo

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