My Evocation of Lucifer


This may be a long story… I owe a lot of what I experienced to two members here, I will leave their names out of this account and let them come forward if they feel the need to. I know that this is not traditional and some people may find themselves offended while reading this. As it is not my intention to offend, I really don’t give a fuck. :slight_smile:

Back in Feb. I was having a great PM discussion with one of the members here. We were discussing some of the experiences we had with infernal spirits and the common themes we noticed with one spirit in particular. This member mentioned an initiatory experience with Lucifer and asked me if I wanted the details on how to preform it myself. They told me all of what this initiation could unlock for me, and it sounded right up my ally. Of course I said yes.

It was stressed to me that this would not be easy, it would at times be painful or a bit weird, but in the end I would be taught a great deal by The Bright Morning Star and in doing so I would discover a path, one that may take me many life times of work to fully walk down to actually understand it all.

I began my prep work. I researched Lucifer, I meditated on Lucifer, I did sigil work with Lucifer, I even started making offerings to Lucifer. All in the attempted to better understand Lucifer and to butter him up (i.e. lots of alcohol was involved)

I did my own reading on the ritual to see how it would turn out and to see what I needed to watch out for. It came back fairly positive with a few indications of what I would go through. I decided to get other readings to check my own as this is a big-deal-life-changing-event. I got two other readings from people I trust and they saw what I saw. So I set a date for the evocation and initiation.

This whole initiation revolves around a word. Now hold on, I know that this might sound like a certain “Super Elite Master Mason” we all know so I will put your mind at ease. This word is a short hand for the most basic things that all sentient beings have in common, the lowest common denominator if you will. It allows me to see what I have in common with a spirit and how I can connect with it.

No I am not claiming that I can command every spirit in the universe, nor am I claiming that I am going to summon Papa Legba, Hekate, Adoni, and Satan to form the greatest barber shop quartet in history. This words allows me to see how I can connect with a spirit and what steps [I]I[/I] need to take if I want to connect with it.

So after months and months of prep work I set the date for my evocation. I set it for a weekend in June when I would have the apartment to myself as I have been told that this experience can leave you drained or even cause you to lose consciousness. I wanted to be by myself so I could recuperate if needed be.

I had been looking into the First Gateway of Pacts after a rather confusing conversation with Azazel about it. I found some secrets about it from my own studies and from talking to one of the members here. I settled on using the first gateway for my circle and triangle. I won’t go into the details of why here, but just look at the story a circle and triangle tells in an evocation and you might see why I made this decision.

The Evocation
I began cleaning my temple at 10:00 pm. I swept, washed, and fumigated the room, then banished. I set up the temple following instructions found in Evoking Eternity, preformed the Invocation of Omnipotence, charged the tools with their callings, and then left for an hour and a half to prep myself.

I then mediated on what I was about to do. I felt heavy, as if the weight of this decision was physically weighing me down. I knew that I would ultimately be fine and I would achieve what I wanted, but I also knew that there is really no way to prepare yourself for something like this.

After my mediation I took a shower and prayed to my highest self that I would be made clean and be made equal to the task I set myself to. I then entered my temple a little after 11:30.

I again preformed an Invocation of Omnipotence/Invocation of my Highest Self. I had the seal of Lucifer charged and placed under the incense brazier, once I felt ready I lifted my brazier and opened his seal. I then lit the charcoal disks and heaped incense upon them.

I begin a conjuration I made and found myself speaking words I had not intended. I believe that my higher self took over at that point because I kept talking, switching between English and Barbarous Words.

Say what you will about him, but Lucifer comes quickly. He greeted me with a smile and words that are found during the initiation in the Mormon Temple. I think he thought he was being funny… (Side note, I have noticed that spirits tend to respond to us in a way that both speaks to their nature and ours. I am a fairly lighthearted person so that is why I think he was trying to be funny…ish) I greeted the spirit and asked him for his name and seal to which he properly identified himself as Lucifer.

Then we talked. I asked about this word and the initiation. He told me about the changes that will happen to me physically, mentality, emotionally, enertically, and on the astral. He was really trying to make sure that I fully understood what I was asking for. We talked about the operation of the word and how to properly channel it though my body.

And then I told him to unlock it for me. And then I vomited. I felt a wave of energy move though me and it was potent, I wasn’t ready for it and I vomited…right in front of Lucifer. (good going Orismen)

After I composed myself I asked Lucifer if that was it, he replied that it had begun and that the process would not be fully finished for about 5-8 months depending on how much attention I gave my energetic body. I thanked him and dismissed him, cleaned up and went to bed.

The After Effects
I have been going though a lot of changes and working with Lucifer to utilize and understand all the changes. Often I feel as if something is entering my head, so I drop mind/get into the T/G sync to investigate. It is always Lucifer with other spirits overseeing some work on my energetic body. Upon noticing me noticing him, he always reminds me that I asked for this.

I wake up in the middle of the night realizing that I am in a conversation with my highest self, or some other spirit that is closely related to my highest self. I don’t remember what we have been talking about but I sense the importance of it. I am working on retaining the information…

I see spirits when I am not trying to. This isn’t any Hollywood “I am going crazy cause I can’t tell what is real anymore” kind of thing. I am fully sober and in control of my own mind, I just happen to get a peak behind the curtain sometimes. Mostly I see manifestations of thoughforms that people unconsciously create that influence their lives, but sometimes I see spiritual protectors watching over those who are in their care.

And of course I have been experimenting with the word in evocation. So far I have evoked some Saturnine spirits for help in an area in my life, and Lucifer to help me better understand what is going on. It makes evocation easier because I can see how I can connect with the spirit on multiple levels.

I know I have not been as active on here and this ritual is the reason why. I am dealing with some stuff that is not always pleasant and I don’t want to snap at people. Also a new pathworking has been made available to me though Lucifer, it will be hard but at the end I will have a much stronger connection to my highest self.

So I won’t be posting a whole ton, as much of what I do is now very personal. I will still be here, I love this place, but a lot of what I will be doing now can not be found in any book. Some may look at this and call it mental masturbation, but I will be keeping detailed notes and making sure that what I experience will still allow me to grow and have more control over my life on all levels of reality, and if it does, then I know that I am on the right track. If not, then no shame, I just need to get back on track.

Stay frosty,


Incredible. Good for you, man, and I wish you all the best with the outcome.

AWESOME!! What more can I say - go Orismen!!! :slight_smile:


No pain no gain. Incredible story.

I hope to one day also evoke Lucifer. But I can’t until I’m ready. And that’s going to take a while.

Congrats. Hail Lucifer!

Great stuff brother!
Truly inspiring.

The prep work you put into this is a lightbulb above my head for me.

It’s obvious you’ve read up on Strategic Sorcery to make plans for what you want.

I’m trying to approach majick more strategically and carefully now myself and your experiences are a great lesson for me and I’m sure many others on how these things should be approached.

Awesome story and a great lesson to boot!

Thank you man!

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I had been looking into the First Gateway of Pacts after a rather confusing conversation with Azazel about it. I found some secrets about it from my own studies and from talking to one of the members here. I settled on using the first gateway for my circle and triangle. I won't go into the details of why here, but just look at the story a circle and triangle tells in an evocation and you might see why I made this decision.

The trick about the first Gateway and the UC is so obvious you’ll easily overlook it. EA put it blatantly out there in BOA, it’s just so blatant you don’t even grasp it until you try it. :wink:

Congratulations and thumbs-up !

[quote author=Orismen link=topic=3768.msg47638#msg47638 date=1404674983]

And then I told him to unlock it for me. And then I vomited. I felt a wave of energy move though me and it was potent, I wasn’t ready for it and I vomited…right in front of Lucifer. (good going Orismen)

this is what i’m going through with every new encounter with an entity.

nice work orismen

Good stuff Oris :slight_smile: And a fun read. My single evocation of Lucifer taught me just how potent magick can be, up until that moment I had used magick only as a tool to manipulate my own consciousness and experience, not my physical experience and limitations. Through that ritual I learned that there is no difference between the two and was helped out with a problem that was (at the time) a huge issue for me.

Good luck with future endeavours concerning LCF and yourself.

I was wondering when I’d get to hear about this. I’d say it was nice to see my own experience confirmed, but at 9 or 10 months into this, I whizzed past the “This is Real,” point a while ago, so I’m mostly just excited to see where you’ll go from here.

What you’re going through right now is what I called the “formatting” stage. Basically your personality/mind is getting cleared out for this clear main channel. You will notice this other intelligence, this “other” you that takes up that space where all this little fragmented bits of personality used to be. All those crap processes that take up lots of time and space will be gone. You’ll notice your desires get sort of re-calibrated too - you gravitate towards the kinds of things you really want, you might find yourself revisiting childhood a lot because that’s when you knew what you you really wanted and weren’t covered in barnacles of culturally mandated desires.

I think it’s interesting to see our different approaches - I heard about it, investigated by channelling/interrogating Lucifer directly, and then dove straight in that same night like a madman, without any ritual accoutrements. I’ve just been figuring it out as I went along, but had an extremely similar experience.

There is an Infernal Initiation. I’m blundering around and working it out as I go, but it’s definitely there. There are no openly published maps to this territory, but there quite possibly were at some point. I keep stumbling over passages in old Renaissance manuscripts, for example, that seem to echo, hint at things I’ve learned and experienced directly. I will say that many – all? – of these spirits hold keys of some kind. Many of them make alterations to the energy body, for example, or bestow certain “tokens,” some physical, others astral, which have qualities that are partly explained and partly have to be figured out as you go.

If I’m ever in a position where I see enough of it to publish it, and the spirits want it published, I certainly would be willing to. I defer to their judgement on that, though. At the moment, there’s a book I’ve been putting together on the absolute, bare-bones basics of what magical technology is and how it works - a subject which as far as I know has never actually been covered, at least not without being buried/hidden under a lot of diversions. I’d had a wait-and-see attitude, but Lucifer explicitly mentioned it a few nights ago and told me he wanted me to write it. (Which surprised me. Even though I started channelling and collecting this information at the same time this process started, it never occurred to me that he had anything to do with it.) And when Lucifer says he wants you to write a book…