My Evocation of Azazel

So I just evoked Azazel cause i apparently need a kick in the ass magically so to speak.

I used his enn,
“Itz rel Itz Rel Azazel”

No candle, no Square of Saturn, nothin but mind and will lol

He showed up and Was dressed in a Black hood robe with Red Eyes and Black skin. Muscular. And hey what do ya know, i actually got a smell this time.

The smell is…demonic af :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

But anyway, I asked him where the hell am i going wrong and didnt really get a complete answer other than “the energies in your environment”
Which i am aware of and working on with no success.

He basically encouraged me to be the God I am and all the other stuff that is normally said. Overall his energy was quite calm. For some reason i was expecting a Raging Saturnian Demon kind of feel cause ya know hes from Saturn.

So my Q is:
For those of you who know him, was that actually him? I have the tiny lingering feeling it wasnt. Just doesnt seem like something he would say (compared to cut throat practical guidance he is known by others to give)

See what I mean?


In my experience that’s pretty spot on actually. He doesnt usually have a robe in my evocations but otherwise it sounds right. The first time I “officially” called on him he told me,

"well if you want to ‘become a living god’ then do it. You know what you are, you know what you can do, so actually be a black magician and get off your ass and work for it. "

He is usually pretty mellow with advice though, if a bit patronizing at times.


Thanks man @UnseelieDiabolus

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That sounds like Azazel to me. In my experience with him he is very calm and calculating. He says so much with so few words.


Thnks @rin

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